SportscastIreland casting results Slaughterhill Nov 2017

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SportscastIreland casting results Slaughterhill Nov 2017

Postby scannerman » Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:48 pm

The forecast for Sunday was a variable westerly with temps rising to 10 or 11c. In reality the wind was variable west but bitingly cold which made it feel in the minus. At least it was consistent and picked up a little as the day wore on. Yet even the hike up and back down the court after retrieving the leads which usually warms you up left us feeling frozen to the core. There was a rapid retreat to the shelter of the cars after every cast! We had some fine casts nonetheless which was surprising given the conditions.


Andrew Gormley 240m 150grm
Ger O Donnell 231m 150grm
Paddy Cunnigham 223m 150grm
Lee Gallagher 211m 125grm


Results from Oct event

Ger O Donnell 222m 125grm\
Paddy Cunningham 217m 125grm
Brendan Cleary DNR
Mark Keenan DNR
Clive Grace DNR

Congrats to Ger on winning that tournament, he continues his unstoppable rise in a few months to become one of the top casters in the country.


couple of pics from Sunday;
01a-Paddy Cunningham Slaughterhill Nov017.jpg
02a-Andrew Gormley Slaughterhill Nov017.jpg
03a-Ger McDonnell Slaughterhill Nov017.jpg
only reel men cast!

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