The Not so good, the bad and the ugly

Sun Jan 15, 2012 8:39 pm

Well I had a interesting day today , first off heading over to Lancefield to check out the field and possibly get in a bit of a practice in lead up for the comp. Whilst everything is nice and dry the field had a large number of cattle in it and the grass was too long for casting. Hopefully this will be eaten down by the 28th & 29th. If not we will need to be careful of fire risk as well as the annoyance of grass seeds in everything.

Not to be disheartened I then decided that I would drive down to South Barwon reserve and do some casting there. Well as luck would have it there were quite a few of the model plane guys about at the top end of the field and therefore for safety reasons I opted to cast straight into the southerly that was keeping things cool.
I started casting with my Century E1000 and after a few loosening up casts started to get into it. As you will see in the video I wasn't doing that good but still having fun. :D
I did get a few bad ones in as you will see with the lead smacking the deck and throwing up a fair bit of dust :oops: .
After a while I decided to give my full length TTR a run with the stock 7HT that I am doing most of my practice with. It was good as I could leave the nag setting on 7 and just punch the casts straight into the head wind with no dramas about backlash.
The added diameter and additional length of the TTR was a little unsettling though I did get a few reasonable ones away. I started to relax more with the rod and as usual forgot to reset the mags with the resulting birds nest with the lead out about 70 meters :oops: , it still ended up about 250 meters away though not attached to the rest of the running line.

The weather was good and I will be out and about again possibly on Thursday evening to get things a bit better.