Sunday with the Missus

Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:15 pm

After spending the Saturday running around with Sue we decided to head down Geelong today to see if there were any Salmon hanging around Point Lonsdale pier , sadly there weren't but we did give it a good try with the soft plastics and hardbody lures. Sue was using my older Fibertube and Certate 2500 Custom with a deep diving hard body whilst I was using the Century HPR with a soft plastic. The only fish that was taken was by one of the snapper crew that frequent the pier.

( Sue On Lonsdale Pier )

The snapper was around the 1.5 kg mark and was taken on fresh squid , sadly Sue and I hadn't brought along any of the bigger gear so persisted with the spinning all for nil but it was still an very enjoyable session.

( The Smile says it all )

After the fishing session we went down to South Barwon for a trial of the new camera and get a few casts away , the feature with the sequential shots didn't work out though I did play around with a few more feature on the software side.

Regards :D

Re: Sunday with the Missus

Tue Dec 20, 2011 3:25 pm

is the feature you mention when you take 4 or 5 pics and the camera joins em together as a panorama? no use if the scene has movement ie. waves or fast moving clouds use it for calm days sunsets and sunrises work a treat :wink:
p.s just cos yea blanked dosnt mean you where casting :lol: this should have gone in the shore angling reports thread dont be shy :lol: :lol: