Practice - The fine edge between Good & Bad

Fri Dec 09, 2011 1:57 pm

After having a number of weeks just fishing I thought it would be good to get back on the field and do a bit of practice casting , my weapon of choice on this occasion was my 13' Century E1000 matched with one of my stock standard Daiwa 7HT mags. The reel had been loaded with 15 pound main line and running a 0.75 mm shock leader. I was casting a 150 gram lead with the line level a little down on what I prefer to have my reels running at as well as the fact that the field isn't a large one and therefore prefer casting either this weight or the 175 gram.

Conditions were pleasant with the temprature around the 28 degree C mark with a slight cross court wind.

I have been trying to relax at the begining of the cast and staying loose with a relaxed but firm grip. As you can see I was pleased with this cast , however the very next one proved just how little a difference in the timing can cause that unpleasant crack of just as the leader clears the tip. Too much speed at the turn and enough line slip is encountered with the resultant snarl.

As usual comments of suggestions welcome. :D