Hot Hitting in OZ Championships

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Hot Hitting in OZ Championships

Postby JPS » Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:46 pm

Well once again the Australian Surfcasting Federations Australian Championships have proven to be a hit with everyone who attended the event held at Lancefield North of Melbourne.

(Setting up on day 1)

Weather conditions for the event were not the best for casting, but added to the competitive outcome of the event. The temperature for the two days was simply hot, the Saturday kicked off with the mercury rising into the high 30’s and the Sunday peaked with temperatures in the low 40’s. Wind conditions were also not the best with swirling winds on the Saturday negating our attempts of positioning the court to gain some distances for the competitors. On the Sunday whilst the winds started off with a bit of promise soon started to show that it too would be no friend.

(Shade was a vital commodity appreciated on both days)

Attendance on the two days was excellent with members from New South Wales, Western Australia and South Australia being in attendance and it just goes to show the dedication to the sport that the members have. It was most pleasing to see a number of new faces as well as the stalwarts of the comp getting together and sharing information on both casting and fishing.
Sponsorship for the event was once again fantastic with Century providing blanks and a rod along with other items and Ultima providing Lead line, running line as well as items for the prize table.
Special thanks to both of these international companies as this is how the sport is able to expand both here as well as around the globe.

(Sponsorship prizes and trophies were appreciated by all who attended the presentations on the Sunday)

Day one of the event was earmarked for the 100 and 125 gram leads for all those members targeting the aggregate trophies whilst those not wanting this were casting any of the other weights from 50 to 175 grams. Conditions would have best suited the heavier leads with the wind swirling around the court one minute from behind the caster, then going cross court or worst still head on. Still this made the lead caster position switch a number of times between Lee Andrews ( Current Champion) and Gary Bonner from NSW with yours truly pushing third spot, though the overall distances were well down on what has been previously achieved.
The West Australian casters, Chas and Scott were in there element with the hot conditions and were wondering what we were complaining about.

(These comps are a great way of meeting like minded people)

The whole day was highlighted with the friendly banter and competition between individuals at the various levels. It was great seeing the improvements in the casters since last year and the practice undertaken by the guys was evident with the casts in these difficult conditions.

At the wrap up of the day the leader board was showing an aggregate advantage to Lee by only 0.64 of a meter versus Gary and the overall of the two leads being 444.92 meters only or an average of 222 meters. Best distance came from Lee’s 125 gram throw of 228 meters.

(Lee and Mick discussing the day)

At close of casting the guys headed back to the pub for a well earned drink as well as to get themselves sorted out for the next days proceeding which in line with the forecast was going to be another tough day with the temperature to hit 42+ degrees C.

The morning heralded a better wind condition at the start of casting with a northerly pushing down the left hand side of the court and as would be expected the best distances for the day were achieved at this point. Lee Andrews pulled out a top line cast of 237 meters on the 150 gram and as the pictures show had the Century TTR well and truly bent.

(Lee and the casts that claimed the Championship for the third year running)

Another caster for the second day to show a step up in style and distance was young Luke Day hitting a new PB on the 125 gram lead of 213+. Luke’s performance was also with the Century TT Super Match that he recently got and his 150 gram distance of 208 was achieved with the Century Kompressor sport matched to his ABU 6500 which he had loaded with the Ultima distance lines.

(Luke Day showing the form that gave him his new PB)

Other casters showing that improvements were Mick Smajkic who broke the magic 200 meter mark with his lead landing on the line for a 200.0 official measure. The smile on his face was great to see but the realisation that he would now be rated in the group with the likes of Scott Selby, Lee Andrews and Gary Bonner quickly brought him back to earth.

(Mick Smajkic on his way to the 200 meter line)

One of are older casters also to achieve a new PB was young Dennis Cottle who with the TT LD and Penn 525 Mag hit a 150 gram further than what he had with his trusty fixed Spool . The smile there too was great to see. Chas alo repeated his form with yet another 200 meter plus cast during the comp showing that the training is paying off.

( Chas showing his new form)

(Dennis Bending his TTLD up nicely – a little tuning and the 200 won’t be far away)

Some of the newer members in the likes of Mick and Steve had a great time with special help from the sultan of smooth as we like to call him, Mark Johnson who showed them how to get the most from their Threadline outfits and both of these guys improved on what they had been getting previously.
I am sure that we will see bigger and better from these two in the coming events.

(Mick and Steve Getting assistance from Mark)

(Mick on his way to hitting a new PB and edging out Steve for the days honours)

(Steve rising to the challenge from his mate and brother in-law)

At the close of casting, the presentation of achievements and trophies was a relaxed one and the anticipation by everyone of possibly being the winner of the Century Tip Tornado LD Super Match raffle was fantastic.

(Lee with the perpetual trophy shield for the 3rd time)

Final Scores showed Lee Andrews once again taking top spot but not the overall aggregate, as he didn’t register a throw with the 175 gram lead, I suppose that he is building himself up for that one next time around. Gary took out second place with a great overall aggregate on all leads which also netted him the aggregate trophy for 2011.

(Gary Bonner the Aggregate winner and second place getter)

Top casting from the young gun representing New South Wales. Third spot was taken by yours truly which was the same as last year but my distances were down (Old age must be slowing me down or that’s my excuse anyway)
In line with the decision for prizes to be cascaded down to members if the 2nd or 3rd place getters had won rods last year it was a pleasure for me to receive a Tip Tornado Super Match rod for my third place and to then present that to a very gob smacked Peter.

(A surprised and happy Peter :D )

I felt that it was only fitting that one of the members showing improvement and dedication to the sport should get the rod as I already have a number. Also based on the cascade process Luke day was presented with the Brilliant E1000 blank as well, much to his surprise and delight.

(A vey happy Luke and the E1000 )

The Raffle prize was coveted by everyone as the prospect of getting the new TTLD Super Match was on the minds of everyone as we are all fishermen and this rod is fills a perfect place in the armory of the Aussie angler.
At the drawing the smile on the face of Jonathon :D :D :D from South Australia was huge and I think it will be a while before it fades from his face especially considering that he didn’t stop talking about it at the pub later on.

( The smile says it all )

We also had minor prices for the other contestants so that everyone went away with something for their dedication and support of the club. Hopefully we will be able to maintain this concept but that will depend on sponsorships as well as how big the club eventually grows too. I look forward to the day when we have too many contestants to present prizes too.

All in all it was a fantastic two days of casting and spending time with a great bunch of people .

I would once again like to thank everyone who attended. :D

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Re: Hot Hitting in OZ Championships

Postby scannerman » Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:31 pm

looked like a great event jp, congrats to all

any chance posting us a bit of that weather?
only reel men cast!

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Re: Hot Hitting in OZ Championships

Postby Mayorga » Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:17 pm

Good report Jps looks a great day out. :D :D
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