US Nationals , Top People Top Time

Mon Dec 13, 2010 11:34 pm

Well the time has come and gone and the results tabled but the memories still linger and put a major smile on my dial as I reflect on the fantastic people that make up this great sport of ours and who are making it grow in the USA.


Earl Blake , current president of SCUSA and Willy

The setting for this year national was a field in Marlton New Jersey and with the fall colours in the surrounding hills it made for a top venue for both competitors and their partners and kids.


A good turnout at the field

Thanks to the efforts of the Sportscast USA committee members lead by Earl Blake who were a great help to Keith Heaney, his wife Leanne, my wife Sue and I it was both a fantastic holiday and comp rolled into one. It was a very relaxed friendly affair with both kids and wives present.


Charlie Portaluppi another of the people behind the running of the comp who helped Keith and I

Day one of the comp got off to a rough start for Keith and I as we got lost trying to go and pick up a rental car that was to be my mode of transport both for the stay in NJ as well as the trip to Niagara Falls (have to keep the better half happy). This delay saw Keith and I miss the morning session and put us on the back foot in regards to being focussed on the casting as well as missing out on seeing some of the better cast for the comp as we were to find out later on.

There are a number of categories within the structure of Sportscast and this has its advantages in setting defined levels that people coming into the sport can then aspire too. It does however also require that there are a reasonable number of members in the club to make for a realistic competition during the year and at these major events.


Earl & Charlie were able to cast even the pressure of organising things

Here in Australia we generally only have a two class comp , those in open which constitute casters over the 200 meter barrier (656 feet ) and those below this level as the overall membership is relatively small, as well as the fact that at a state level there are even fewer members at the individual comps though out the year.

Overall there were 30 casters representing there various states as well as family and friends which made for a great atmosphere. The weather was kind and the expected cold temperatures didn’t eventuate, however neither did any wind that would have resulted in a few bigger distances being posted based on the past performances for this event.


Competitors with Family and equipment - great to see

Day two of the event saw Tommy Farmer holding the lead but there was a big push by a number of the other top line casters to try and take the trophy of the old man. Funny really as Tommy and I are the same age so there is hope for me yet .


Bending it up


Tommy , Troy and I

The weather held firm for the second day and everyone enjoyed the sun and pleasant cool breeze , that is everyone other than the casters who were all hoping for that elusive gust of wind that could see their leads sail that little bit further than the rest.


Keith Heaney with Century and an Alvey sidecast on his way to a PB of 705 feet

I had another mixed day with the leader snapping on one of the cast didn’t do the old shoulder or chest the world of good. It did make for a spectacular look as the rod bounced of my chest and out of my hands.
This is not a recommended casting style and should be avoided at all times.
Along with this we had the usual rounds of snap off’s , backlashes and other gear failures when try to extract that bit more from your cast, bust as I said it does amuse the crowd.



( This is not the way to have fun :oops: )


Willy , casting well - Many thanks for loan of the Navi unit

By the way , I am assuming that it did get to you in the mail eventually
It was a good battle right up to the death knock and a number of us were hoping that we could squeeze in a few more rounds, but with the day drawing to a close and long drives ahead for a number of people casting had to draw to a close. It was then a matter of the measurements and compilation of the final results prior to issuing of the relevant prizes and trophies to the winners.


To the Victor go the spoils – Tommy Picking up the top spot

Here are some of the video highlights from the days - I will post up the remainder shortly as it takes awhile putting these together .

( More Video's to Come )
Top event, top people, great place and really looking forward to the future when Sue and I can get back and enjoy it all again.

Highly recommend it for anyone wanting a top holiday with the opportunity to meet and fish with a great bunch of people.

Regards till next time