*Casting Safety*

Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:29 pm

Safety has to come 1st!!
After hearing many of the "close call" stories and experienceing some in person, i must urge anyone who is out doing a bit of casting practice to always air on the side of caution, its just not worth it if something goes wrong.

(1) Firstly find a suitable space thats large enough, and remember crackoffs can travel very large distances so never cast twards people, houses, roads, etc...
(2) Safe knots are paramount and as always shockleaders should be a "MINIMUM" of 10lb per oz of lead being cast.
(3) You should have a "MINIMUM" of 10 turns of shockleader on the spool when ready to cast.
(4) Never take any chances when there are people around.