Results & report 21-02-2010

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Results & report 21-02-2010

Postby JPS » Mon Feb 22, 2010 10:58 pm

Well we had another excellent day out with the weather being kind and the threat of late afternoon rain not showing made for a brilliant session out on the field.

Due to the inclusion of two guests from interstate & overseas we had a later than usual kick off at the south Barwon reserver oval . Dave and I picked up Massimo Buratti ( Italy ) and Eddie Daladowicz ( South Australia ) form Tullamarine airport at 8.45 and headed over to the oval.
It was really appreciated that Graham Johnson had set off earlier that morning to get the court and field set up for the other casters, as well as bringing along and doing his other duties as club treasurer.

Casting kicked off after reels were re-loaded with line as airline policy does not allow you to bring reels into the cabin with line on them.


( Lee Andrews & Max ( Massimo ) setting up with Zziplex ZTi and QTC framed ABU )

We also had a few new faces joining us with young Kaz ( Previous AAA caster ) coming along and seeing what we get up too. He was using his Nitro rod and Tica long cast threadline which make a great light beach outfit for those wanting to do some surf spinning etc.

( Young Kaz )

We also had the usual culprits lurking around and talking about their various fishing session .


( Dave & Eddie setting up out of the back of my mobile rod shop )

The day started of hot with a West , North westerly wind that saw some reasonable distance put down and some very big crack offs from someone who will remain nameless :oops:

It was also great to see a number of the lads from the Footscray Angling club come down after their morning Estuary event on the Barwon and hopefully we were able to give them a better understanding of the styles and techniques employed in getting the leads out wide.
we will be having a more relaxed training day in the near future for all those people wanting help in getting the most from their gear as well as seeing a few rigs that we employ on the beach.
Alex was one who tried the overhead for the first time and did excellently with a second cast hitting 91 meters .
Hope to see more of them at our next meet.

The forecast South , South Westerly wind arived around mid day and a court change was called for , it was also decided that lunch would be a great idea so the lackies jumped into the wagon and organised food while the other guys swithced the court around. This braek in proceedings was a good one with all present enjoying a bite to eat and a drink prior to the afternoon session.

It was there that a number of PB's were put down by Max, Eddie & David , obviously recharged with the food and drinks.

Results as I have them are as follows.


If there are any ommisions or errors , please feel free to get in touch for me to update them.

All in all a great day was had and it was appreciated the assistance that was put in by everyone to make it what it was.


( The last to leave - Dave, Max, Lee, Me , Graham , Nick and Eddie )

The trip back to the airport to drop Eddie and Max was good and they made a safe return with Max being able to get his new PB sinker on the plane after being checked at security .

Thanks to all who made it a very enjoyable day. :D
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