Ozzie Casting 13th December - results update

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Ozzie Casting 13th December - results update

Postby JPS » Mon Dec 14, 2009 2:40 am

Victorian Casting Comp & Clinic Report

Well we had another top day of casting and trying to help those that wanted to understand what the club is about as well as those wanting to improve on their individual best from earlier events.

The day started out in Melbourne cloudy and overcast with a few showers coming in from the south which didn’t make for a promising start to a full day out on the field. However as we were holding the event down at Lancefield approximately 90 km from Melbourne I was hoping that the weather would be better there. Our luck was in and we were greeted with a reasonable south westerly wind and clear skies. Post setting the filed we commenced casting with Nick Pasinis, Lee Andrews, Graham Johnson, and I kicking of proceedings.

(Australian Champion Lee Andrews Belting one down field - best for the day 248 meters)

During the morning we also had Steve and Jurgen arrive to see what this was all about after reading about some of our other events held earlier in the year. Joe Stranieri also was able to make it down to try out some of the Century rods that I had made available for casters.
Initial results looked very promising with Nick putting down a cast of 240+ meters closely followed by Lee and I with 230+ meter casts.

( Nick Pasinis Putting up a hard fought battle , Best for the day 247 meters )

Graham lead the other guys with casts pushing close to the old 200 yard mark which was previously the benchmark distance.
Steve was able to be convinced to try out my Kilwel pendulum 2 with Penn 525 mag casting 125 gram and did and excellent job with the outfit hitting close to the 100 meter mark and built on this as the day progressed.

The weather however didn’t stay as good as the initial start and we quickly had the direction swirling across court from left to right dramatically affecting the distances. Also the wind was not carrying the leads as hoped but was pushing the lines down with result that final distances did not reach what we were hoping for.

( Paul, Graham and Lee after a round )

It was also pleasing to be able to finally use the new Ultima Distance line in the official casting sizes of 0.25, 0.28, 0.31 and 0.35mm. The line performed extremely well and flowed from the reels with no spring which made control from the multipliers very good, the smooth finish and colour also making it a very user friendly line to use.
I was very impressed the way it performed on my new ABU 4500 reel which I had modified for use with the 18 gram plug match to a 10;6” Century Spin stick. I hit a PB of 108.75 meters with this outfit and feel that more will be forthcoming as I learn to better control the little reel.
Really looking forward to using the line more now that it is available in Australia as I have been using some for my fishing which I got whilst in the UK .

Here are the full results :

Lancefield, Victoria 13 Dec 2009 - Distances in Meters.

Conditions – South to South West to 15 kph, Variable cloud cover
Barometer 1010 k/p,
Temp 22c

Caster 75g 100g 125g 150g 175g
Lee Andrews 248.14 240.02 228.15
Nick Pasinis 247.82 241.4
Jeremy Schrader 233.74 234.23 213.6 217.37
Graham Johnson 191.2
Paul Boyack (NCR)
Steve ( Guest NCR )
Jurgen ( Guest )
18 g m 200 g
Jeremy Schrader 108.75 207.36

All pendulum casts

P - Pendulum, BC - Backcast, OTG - Off the Ground. PB - Bold. Aust Record – Bold
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Re: Ozzie Casting 13th December - results update

Postby AG » Tue Dec 15, 2009 3:14 pm

great looking venue 8) great casting aswell , nick is flyin 8)
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Re: Ozzie Casting 13th December - results update

Postby JPS » Wed Dec 16, 2009 7:41 am

Just had confirmation that the 18 gram plug distance I threw on sunday is the new Australian record for multiplier :mrgreen:

Even better is that is the first time that I used my new 10'6" Century Spin stick on the field so looking to improve on that as well. :D
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