New Peter Coogan PTEC 5500

Sun Jul 26, 2009 11:52 pm

Well I had the pleasure of trying out one of the new Peter Coogan PTEC 5500 ultra low mounted reel on the weekend and must say that I am impressed with the way it allowed even more grip on the spool not only compared to a standard 5500 CT but even that of the earlier 6600W one that I currently use for my field work.

The reel is appoximately 3 mm lower than the earlier frame and allows better grip.
The reels owner ( Graham Johnson ) kindly allowed me to give it a go matched to his Zziplex M4 Evo casting 125 gram leads on 0.28mm line.
Distances on the day were not hughe but I was able to hit 224 meters yesterday during our Victorian Comp.

The reel also had the Peter Coogan mag fitted and it worked extremely well given that I was hitting the rod as fast as I could on the day.
I will post up video footage hopefully later this evening once I get back from work.

Great work Peter and I will be following you up on an order for myself when I visit in August.

Also thanks to Graham for trusting me not to blow the reel up :roll:

Regards :mrgreen:

Re: New Peter Coogan PTEC 5500

Mon Jul 27, 2009 8:52 am

Thats great news Jeremy, i spoke to pete recently and he was telling me about them but ive yet to see one in the flesh, might be tempted to treat myself to another one 8).
Another 3mm is alot and when you consider how low the 1st ones are, amazing he could get it even lower again..
What did you think of the M4-Evo?? i have one about a year now and love it, it casts all the leads with ease, IMO one of the best zzippys out there, i look forward to seeing the vid. Cheers

Re: New Peter Coogan PTEC 5500

Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:22 pm

Paddy ,

The reels are very nice and I hope to get one when I am over there in August.

In regards to the M4 Evo I like the rod and agree with you that it is one of the better Zziplex models currently available. The blank has the lower diameter butt in comparison to my XTR sport and the weight is slightly down on both my ZTi and XTR 50/50.
The action is quite fast and has good recovery which makes it especially good on the lighter leads that I have thrown with it.
I can't comment on the heavier leads as I mave only cast the 100 & 125 gram weights with it each time I have loaned it from Graham.
Distances have been quite good and I feel with a bit of use I could get more from it.
I was casting the rod with reducer in and running at around 14' 2".

Look forward to seeing and casting with you guys in Wales & the Zziplex International. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: