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TTLD on the field

Postby JPS » Sat Nov 22, 2008 7:20 am

Well here is a short rundown on the TTLD which i have been using for fishing covering a number of species from small Salmon, Rock Cod , Draughtboard sharks, Banjoes, and Port Jacksons. My intended target species have been noticable by their absence but that has not stopped me appreciating the versatility of this 13 ' rod.

Being rated for 85 to 150 grams the range is spot on based on my own use of this outfit.

Casting conditions during the fishing sessions have been from very calm still afternoons right up to howling Southerlies and rough seas. The weight that I have been using have been normally 125 grams as I have been using clipped down pulley rigs and hooks ranging in size from 3/0 to 6/0 and generally strip baits of salmon fillet or squid.

But lets move on to how the rod performed on the field for its first time.
I matched the rod to my ABU 5500 running 0.25mm line and casting only 100 gram leads.
Taking a slower less aggressive style than which I normally used I found the rod compressing easily and sending the lead out around the 200 meter make . One thing that I did find as I progressed with the casting is that it can be hit reasonably hard as long as you wait for it to load up first. Start to soon and it is easy to have the rod feels quite strange and timing of the release become a problem for me. This is because the rod bends nicely into the butt which has a supprising amount of power for its thin diameter.

Have a look at the video footage as I have shown it both at normal speed as well as at 50% slowed down so that people can better see the way she loads and recovers. Please note however that I was pushing though the cast a bit too much which robbed the rod of a reasonable amount of distance.

I will have another session with it later on and post up footage so people can get a better appreciation of the rods character.

All in all my opinion is that this rod will be a favourite of mine and will make a great outfit for a large percentage of fish taken here in Australia.

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