A Very Technical Question

Thu May 17, 2007 10:26 pm

Ok Guys this is a pretty techie question, and I was just wondering if anyone has the answer.
I started off casting/fishing with a Zipplex gs match, I bought this after a comment on my casting style by a casting instructor who recommended this rod with the reel at the bottom as I have a slooooooow casting style.
After years of using this rod it was snapped in the middle of a cast, and when i went to buy a new one they were no longer made, Having managed to talk to terry carroll at the time, he recommended the ZF250 as the closest match, so I bought a pair, and still use them to this day with a long drop hi arc pendulum, or the unitech or brighton style cast.
I am now looking to treat myself to a new rod, and I am just wondering what would be the closest type of rod in the zippy stable to match the old ZF250's.
Does any of you tournament guys have any recommendations ?
Or know what replaced the 250 ?
I have tried to get in contact with Terry, but unlike the old days it's pretty impossible to get in contact with him.
Hoping that someone has a few ideas..

Fri May 18, 2007 1:13 pm

Neil MIGHT have some left, he did a limited run of GS match and Quattra,s of late, here are some links including his number, give him a bell.
http://myfishcasting.org/casting_forum/ ... php?t=3492


Prob the closest to the zf250 would be the synchro match, as it also had a glass tip.Are you familiar with the Primo range??