The New girl

Mon Apr 23, 2007 6:07 pm

Just though I'd share a few pics of the new girl.....

Abu 6500 Flordia Orange with Peter Coogan (I think) Mag conversion. It has a QTC style cage. It had four mags in when I got it, but fitted another 2 more because I was terrified with the speed and spin time of the thing, even with full mags. Spin time now is about 30 seconds, down from about a minute plus. When I get used to it, I'll take the magnets back out. 8)





Mon Apr 23, 2007 7:20 pm

Looks like you mean business with that bad boy there. I would say the new girl would do some serious damage on the field

Mon Apr 23, 2007 7:35 pm

What did you give for it Kev ??????????????????????


Mon Apr 23, 2007 8:19 pm

sweet 8)

Tue Apr 24, 2007 2:32 am

Nice reel! Just a thought, is it anticlockwise or clockwise to wind out the mags?

I have a 7HT Turbo which is anti-clockwise and 2 6500's which are clockwise - not a good recipe! I think I'll either have to change the 7HT to anti-clockwise or the 2 abu's. The Abu's are Chris Macey's conversions.


Tue Apr 24, 2007 7:32 am

hey ian, who did your 7ht turbo mags? i am really thinking of getting some for mine.

Tue Apr 24, 2007 9:13 am

Mine was a custom job by Jon Abbott...and I think he had someone else do the work, so I can't help you there I'm afraid. Chris Macey does them, but it will be a clockwise movement to wind out the mags.

Mine flies! Have to lower the line level by 2mm to keep it under control.

Sounds like your casting is coming on nicely!
When's the next video?

All the best,


Tue Apr 24, 2007 9:24 am

its a pete coogan conversion alright, clock wise to wind off the mags as he used the ultra-mag set up, hi speed 6-1 gear ratio with SS abec-5s.
Kev i have some more fibre blocks and will sort you out for the matching size that fits.

Tue Apr 24, 2007 9:56 am

As you can probably guess, I stole it on Paddy when he wasn't looking :lol: Yep, Clockwise to wind off the Mags. Still got too much to think about when setting up and hitting the cast, so haven't even give much thought to the mag direction. Remindes me of a driving lesson I had way back. I was driving along concentrating on the driving, the rod, the people and all the basics, when the instructor told me in a gruff voice "you can turn the wipers off now if you like"........... I was so busy trying to drive, I didn't notice that the drizzle had stopped and the wipers were SCREACHING accross the window... :lol:

Now of course, I can do 120, while eating my breakfast, indicating & listening to the radio. :roll:

Roll on the new rod....... Hopefully Henry will give me a call today.


Tue Apr 24, 2007 1:42 pm

That's it the gloves are off Kev, I'm getting something made by Nasa that will spin for an hour with Full mags and the cage is designed by Neil Armstrong. If nothing else it will give the Birds somewhere to nest!! Ohh yeah and it runs on Shuttle fuel!!

"We're gonna need a bigger field" !

Wed Apr 25, 2007 5:05 pm

Well....we had our first row.... and on our first date as well...... :roll:

Nice crack off on the first chuck....... :oops:
What can a guy do.......

Thu Apr 26, 2007 9:39 am

kev now that i think of it i might not have oiled the bearings before passing it on to you :oops: ,,im not 100% sure but best to re-clean them and if you have some red rocket feul to start, again apoligies if this is the cause of your 1st tiff with her, she is really quite sweet when you get to know her,,but like all fem,s she can bite back :wink: