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This forum is for announcing club and open competitions/meetings, and also for posting competition results. It may also be used to seek new members for a club, or to seek information about a club in your area etc. Posts may have to be approved by a moderator.

No flaming, trolling , personal abuse or racist posts.
No selling of equipment (Try
If you have a problem with a post, use the link Image to report it to the moderators
If you have a problem with the mods, PM them.
If you do not have an account on this site and there is a problem with a post, please email with a link to the post explaining the problem.
Remember the moderators give their time freely. Abuse them and you will get a ban.
If you still have a problem, post on the web development board.
If you disagree with angling as a sport, bring it elsewhere.
DO NOT encourage violence towards poachers etc.
Racism will not be tolerated.

Offensive posts will be deleted, and the user banned.

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