IFSA Competition Cancellations

Wed Apr 08, 2020 10:10 am


Unfortunately, due to the Corona Virus all boat and shore competitions for the World Championships, the Home Nations, the Master Angler and the Fish Offs have been cancelled for 2020.

The National Boat Committee have come up with a proposal to deal with this unprecedented occurrence, which the Central Council has agreed to and which will be ratified at the next AGM. The National Shore Committee's proposal will follow.

Please see below for details and pass on this info to your members.

National Boat Committee 2020 plan
1. Home Nations Boat 2020 Postponed to 2021
SALC has postponed the Home nation boat comp for 2020 and have moved everything a year ahead, same venues etc.
The National Boat Committee is proposing to The Central Council That
The team that has already qualified for the 2020 team should be the same team to fish in the now 2021 event. The event will still be on in Milford Haven in 2021.
This team has already fundraised based on the fact they were traveling to Milford haven and if they were not to be the same team, funds would have to be returned if requested. This team has already personally invested in lots of new equipment for this venue and have trained and prepared.
There is only advantages to leaving this team as is for 2021.
We Suggest a letter be sent to The Team Manager David Mc Cormick to inform Him That his Team will be representing The IFSA in 2021 in Milford Haven as long As Central Council Agrees with our Recommendation and Proposal.
The knock-on effect = The all-Ireland interprovincial boat 2 day Findlater competition is the qualifier for the making of the home nations boat team each year We suggest That the 2 Day Qualifier be Cancelled for 2020.
We also suggest that the Saturday of the original findlater weekend [sat 5th sept Kilmore quay] that we still proceed with the Interprovincial competition. This would be the same as any other year the interpros be fished over 2 sessions on a one day score basis.
We will be Asking the Leinster boat committee [The organiser] that they run a open on the Saturday aswell so it will not be just for Teams only.
BUT The Findlater Trophy will NOT be fished for in 2020.
There will be no Findlater Champion for 2020 Based on this suggestion but there will be a Interprovincial team Competition.

2. The World Boat Team 2020 Belgium.
The World Boat championships has also been postponed to 2021. Fips have decided to postpone everything till 2021.
The 2020 Qualified team has already spent a lot of money and organised fundraising for them to travel to represent their Country to the world Boat Championships!
We Propose That the 2020 qualified team should be kept the same for the next world championships that is scheduled 2021 even if a different venue.
We also Propose the Cancelation of the 2020 master angler boat and fish offs
We also Propose All anglers that have qualified for the 2020 Master angler Boat will be given entry to 2021 master Angler Boat and all Anglers that are in the 2020 pool for the 2020 fish offs will now be in the 2021 fish offs pool. In effect we would have a double up of master anglers which can be accommodated.
We will be asking Munster Council [the organiser] In the interest of keeping fishing going this season which will start late, that the masters weekend be still run but as a one off all Ireland open competition with some big prizes and a once off Corona Trophy. This would allow the organisers keep the boats and accommodation booked. We can work with Munster Council to organise such a event and we will or munster council will advise at a later date if the event will be able to be run.
The National Boat Committee