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Help with a boat!

Tue Mar 24, 2020 7:29 pm

Hi everyone! I'm writing you about help for two friends of mine. They're streamers and they bought a boat, well two to be exact, because in the first one engine exploded when they took it out on a see for a test ride. This is a couple, that's about to stream their trips on a boat. Their second one has some serious problems with the steering wheel, autopilot, hydraulic system etc. They're in France at the moment and they really need help from specialists! I've tried to seek for help at my neighbor's place (well, kinda, I've never met him), he had a boat, but he died 6 months ago. Then I tried to contact two companies, no response, two other people that don't have the time.

Is there anyone here that could help? They would contact you over the phone, internet (photos, videos). They are very resourceful and they're fixing everything on their own. I'm looking for someone who would be able to help them out, because they really need it! Of course I would pay for everything! Please, please let me know, because this is kind of urgent. They're at lock down, they can't go out anywhere and they're living on this boat right now. For the time being they're cleaning it due to all the shops being closed there and if something, they can't get some spare parts etc. They need a dedicated specialist who will give them advice and guide them through everything that they would have problems with.
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