Florida June 2019

Mon Sep 03, 2018 9:59 am

Hi guys

Last family holiday as the eldest will be heading off to uni/it/work next year (no points for guessing which I'd prefer!)… so last family holiday for a long time.
But we've agreed to two weeks in Florida. Was there in 1994 for World Cup, and never wet a line...

Reckon I will be 5 days in Orlando, 5 days down the coast to Miami and the Keys, and 4 days in the everglades, probably based out of Marco Island.
Will hire a car so can travel a bit. Watched quite a bit of YouTube and astonished at the range and quality of the fishing, even in crappy little ponds.

Reckon we might swing half day charters here or there, but expected mostly to be fishing with light gear for a few hours each evening...
Licence from Florida Wildlife is apparently USD 114 for a non-resident. Seems a bit steep for a tourist "visa".

Would love to catch the main species - exotics and native. Tarpon would top the list. A small one thanks! :mrgreen:

Any help, recommendations, advice, sites, shops, guides etc. would be very welcome.