Arbroath (east coast) 16.11.13 Ayrshire (west coast)18.11.13

Fri Nov 22, 2013 4:27 pm

Arbroath 16.11.13

People: Me

Duration: 1700- 0100

Tide: LW - HW

Weather: Beautiful cold winters day and night

Bait: Mussel, Lug, Squid

Rigs: Rotten bottom, Pulley Pennel

Results: Zilch

Since my move back to Scotland in August my fishing has been curtailed for a number of reasons so it was time to dust down the multi's and rods, tie some rigs and do some research of a location that could match up to Youghal for cod. I have joined the world sea fishing forum and was given some pointers by a couple of lads to fish east if i wanted the chance of a cod.

Had the date booked off for couple of weeks with work and wife so was determined to make the most of it. The travel is a pain in the arse as I had to drive west - east via edinburgh to collect fresh bait so eventually hit Arbroath around 1700hrs. As i had never fished the East Coast before I had a wee drive around to check out some marks and decided to settle on Auchmithie, which I was told was a "sort of shingle beach". When I arrive I couldnt believe my eyes as it was about the snaggiest mark i have ever seen. Anyway in for a penny. Climbed onto a rocky outcrop and stumbled across to the waters edge. Launched 2 baits in the water and tried to relax, despite feeling a little exposed. 5 minutes later my rod got pulled from the tripod at an almighty rate. Eventually tightened up a slack line to nothing. I have never seen a bite like it in my life, not even a big bass has done that before......

Well long story short, that was the end of the action for the rest of the night. I moved twice, even onto the Arbroath Cages known as a top cod mark, fished long, short, big baits, giant baits and monster baits.

I have learned the following from my first trip east to the cod grounds- Use fish baits not worm or crab, dont fish unless there has been eastly blow and the water is like chocolate, dont fish on a cloudless sky. All of which I have subsequently been told are no no's.

Ayrshire (18.11.13)

Had some bait left over so went down to a wee harbour I used to fish as a kid for coalies. I have been told that there are no Cod left on the clyde as the trawlers and prawn boats have had them all. Anyway first cast a wee codling about pound or so. Then the fella next to me had three all the same size in quick succession. Maybe there are fish close to home.

Out on Monday to investigate further

Hope you are all doing well

West coast codling.gif
West coast codling.gif
West coast codling.gif
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Re: Arbroath (east coast) 16.11.13 Ayrshire (west coast)18.1

Sun Nov 24, 2013 3:41 am

Well done Joe, I'd say it was great to get out, I'd love to know what hit the rod in Arbroath, keep those Scottish reports coming



Re: Arbroath (east coast) 16.11.13 Ayrshire (west coast)18.1

Wed Jan 01, 2014 3:29 pm

Keep gathering that local knowledge, you'll strike gold soon enough, well done.