Gambia Wrecks and Bluewater last week

Thu Jul 04, 2013 3:01 pm

Hi All

This week we have been fishing with to UK anglers . Only three days fishing this week.

Day one was wrecks , ad the cement wreck seems to be wall to wall pompanos at present , Cut baits , shrimps and liveabits they dont really . First day was 14 fish to a best of 18kg . Also 2 Big barras on live yabouys and several bite offs up the line which was probably Spanish mackerals .

Second day was Bluewater . Very little bait again , managed to get a few small yabouys . Trolled the first fish attractor wihch produced a niceish Dorado of about 22lb and 2 smaller ones . The second one wasnt where we should have found it and then we saw a pirogue puuling it up . Max went over and asked the guys what they were doing and they said it had foiled there net . After some arguing he got the rope and barrels back and repositioned it . But no fish from that one obviously . Slow trolling produced one Sailfish to the boat and another on and off. 2 More Dorados on the way back , so not great but eventful.

Day Three was the Jolla wreck , this is normally Snapper heaven and since the start of the summer has produced some good Barracuda and Jacks. Notable normally for screaming runs which end up with all the gear buried in the wreck. Today was a lot of Badeche which are like big sea bream , about 6-8lb , we eneded up with 12 . Again 2 decent Barras on big bonga dead baits . We had the Jacks up at the side of the wreck , but couldnt get near enough for the poppers , maybe next time .

We have just completed 2 more big fish attractors which will be in the water by mid July , hopefully a bit more bulk will bring in the amberjacks and Cobia .

I will keep you all informed.