start of the Guinea Bissau season

Sun Dec 02, 2012 5:47 pm

Guinea Bissau
Just finished 6 weeks in Guinea , its been variable due to water colour , but I think in the end all 5 groups had a good time .

New 8mt boat has just arrived , so we now have 3 all with twin engines , you can try and cut corners over there but I amazed by the number of camps that try an cut costs by fitting single engines , pure stupidity , I dont care how new the engines are , its fuel thats the problem , the quality of fuel is always suspect in Africa and on one engine you are always vulnerable . I towed in one of the Bubaque boats last week . Beware cost cutting and fuel saving in the Guinea Bissau , there,s no coast Guard there.

On a good note , we have now secured sole permission to fish the national park around Orango , this is a rare privilege as no one else is allowed inside , three Senegalese boats were siezed by the park rangers and the crews arrested just last week for fishing in the waters around the island , they now have to pay a heavy fine to get the boats back. All good stuff because at last they are protecting their waters. Its nice because it keeps the other camps boats out as well.

Notable catches were a whole heap of Tarpon , I think Max has got it sorted now , best of which was a 240lb whopper the second week .

Dave Huckle caught two potential would records , Barracuda and Red Snapper , not to mention an entry for the 10 to 1 club , a 160lb Nurse shark on 15lb line . Quite an achievement Dave , and good on you for sticking with it , despite losing storm lures to Big baras like they were biscuits .

We have been taking a lot of big Pompanos off Uncomo grande , along with a huge amount of Cassavas , live baiting was as prolific as ever and if you can get a a yaboy its a strike .

Oh boy have we found a Jack mark , we were having so many on some tides we didnt even have to use baits , just drift a Rapala down the tide and leave it hanging , then bang , Ive never seen anything like it , 3 and 4 fish hooked up at the same time , mad fishing . 30-40 jacks in an hour broke a bit of gear and a few clients at the same time.

The Swedes had fantastic Kayak fishing , this seems to be giving us an edge as you can get much closer to the fish and getting some spectacular hits , and what could be better than being towed around by a 20lb jack , in a canoe . Note to self must do more of this .

I will start accumulating photos from everyone , several thousand probably and do a few more write ups as the photos come in to jog my memory.

Anyway , things are very stable and we now have a great relationship with a lot of the other guys out there , Lauren from Kere is a star as is Bob from Bubaque , all doing good things to help out .

The sand bank beach fishing has also been a highlight with it producing a whole load of fish to bait , whilst at the same serving up the odd fish on poppers , great place for a few hours as the sun goes down whilst clutching a cold beer in one hand and a rod in the other .

Tackle packs are still working well and Seydu { deckie } has taken it on as his personal mission to organise and maintain the gear , which is great , also I think Daiwa are going to continue with production of the Daiwa tournament spinning rod which is great news.

Broke my favourite Saltiga 6000 on a barn door sized stingray , well I didnt one of the clients did so its going back with the other compliment of broken and wounded gear that gets sent back to the respective manufacturers every time I come back from Guinea. Hopefully its fixable wits like an old friend.

The other Boats start in earnest in Gambia as of the 8th Dec , spent a few days sorting things out and looks like the Tarpon boat will be going from Makasutu , and the wreck boat from Tanje ,this should allow us to fish two tides for Tarpon rather than the 1 you get from Denton bridge.

Anyway only got back last night at 2am so as soon as get sorted will post some more .

Great to now that we are really busy for Feb, Mar , april , last year was a bit dire but looks like things are coming back a bit.

Oh and one last thing , its bloody freezing here !!!!!


Re: start of the Guinea Bissau season

Sun Dec 02, 2012 7:30 pm

Thanks for the update Richard. Good to hear that things are going well and there is a chance for a good angling for the forthcoming years. Can't wait to see the photos!

Re: start of the Guinea Bissau season

Sat Dec 08, 2012 11:44 am

sounds like great fishing what sort of costs are u talking?

Re: start of the Guinea Bissau season

Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:33 pm

All in including flights from Uk 10 days with 7 days fishing £2495.00

drop me an email if you would like the DVD