Another Top Day on the Beach

Fri May 06, 2011 10:19 pm

Well the holidays are going well and the fishing every few days is proving to be just what the doctor has ordered :D

As Graham is not caught up with work I gave him a call and we organised to head off down the coast to see if we could get into a few fish during the day and thought that the 13th Beach area would be a good kick off point. The drive down was promising with a slight Northerly wind which had our hopes up that we would find reasonable conditions.
Getting to the beach we were confronted with a number of top looking gutters and rips , only problem though was the amount of weed present right along the beach. Additionally we could see a lot more out wide and the thought of that coming onto the beach as the tide peaked did nothing for us. A quick discussion found us heading further up the coast with the quest of finding a beach with less weed.

First stop after 13th was Jan Juc and as luck would have it there was basically no weed present and there was a reasonable gutter close in as well. After considering the surf for a few minutes longer we decided to head down and set up. It was interesting to see another group of 7 or more anglers further up the beach but we couldn't see if they were getting any fish.
Weapons of choice for me today were my 12' Century Tip Tornado LD Super Match paired up with the Pen Squall 12 and loaded with 12 pound line. The other rod was my Century FMJ matched with the Daiwa Exceller 4500 loaded with 15 pound Ultima Braid. I also had my heavier stick being my Tip Tornado Super Match paired up with the Penn Torque 100 loaded with 20 pound Ultima Red Ice and throwing a 6 oz grip lead and a pair of 5/0 circles.

Graham was using his Century Tip Tornado Super Match and his TTLD with the Penn Torque 100 and I thing his 535 Penn. I must say that he is getting excellent distances with these outfits even with the bigger strip baits on the clip down rigs.


( Graham and Some of the other anglers at Jan Juc )

As is my preference I was running circle hooks on all of my rigs except for the surf popper on the two hook clip down on the FMJ. Bait was a combination of Chicken fillet , Pilchard , Whitebait and some mullet that a mate and I had caught the day earlier down at Frankson pier.
The bites were a bit slow leading towards the top of the tide and we had a feeling that we may have lucked out on the beach. Even though the gutter close in looked good it wasn't producing any fish so I belted the LDSM out wide witha strip of Chicken fillet and whitebait cocktail and was quicklt rewarded with a reasonable sided Salmon.


( Salmon with the Octopus circle that I prefer using )

With the fish obviously out wide I started getting the TT Super match going and launching the baits right behind the breakers and advised Graham to do the same, he was further down the beach than I but still took a bag of 5 or 6 fish with a few dropped as well.
I also got into a few with a double header on the twin hook rig and the Super Match combo.


( Double header on the Century Super Match - Graham also got a double )

The bite was fast but way too short and it was made worse as the afternoon wore on as all the surfers started showing up with no consideration for anyone else they proceeded to surf right across the front of us. This had the effect of spooking the Salmon, lucky for Graham though as a few came in close and he pick up three before the whole place shut down as the number of surfers increase.

We still persisted into the evening as we knew that as the light faded the surfers would leave the water and had the hope that something bigger may move in . I was really hoping to put a decent bend into the SM and Torque combo.


( The Torque 100 Set up in antcicpation for something big )

Well nothing else eventuated and all we did was feed the crabs , still we didn't expect that much as we were fishing the falling tide and planned on leaving around 8.00 pm.

All in all a great day put and a few fish to make it even better.

Roll on next week when the tides improve :D

Re: Another Top Day on the Beach

Sat May 07, 2011 12:21 am

Excellent well done , excellent catch.... hope to head 'down there' some day for some fish'n.... Rex Hunt would be proud ! :D

Re: Another Top Day on the Beach

Sat May 07, 2011 8:30 am

great report and pics. as usual Jeremy .I like the picture of the Penn reel,Keep swingin' the lead bud. :lol: