Relaxing at Moggs Creek - Victoria

Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:07 pm

Well with the easter crowds and the expected increased traffic I decided that it was still worth the effort in getting down the coast to have a play with my two TTLD Super matches , the 13' matched with my Penn and the 12' Matched with my Shimano Ablbrid.

This time around I decided on fishing light and had the spare spool of the Albrid loaded with 6 pound Ultma Distance and running a 40 pound poweflex shock leader. Casting weight was a 3 oz grip lead and a single 2/0 circle . On the 13' I was running the Penn Squall loaded with 12 pound Powersteel and casting a 4 oz grip lead .


( The Two TTLD super Matches on the Beach )

Bait on this occasion was salter pilchards and Pippies, The fishing was slow but the weather made up for the lack of action. Still I was able to get a few small Salmon for my efforts and with the high tide scheduled for 5.10 pm I had hopes that things would pick up on the turn of the tide .

( One of the small Salmon that was picked up)

Mick came down for the afternoon session and was using his Nitro Messhia and Daiwa Saltiga Surf as well as his Tip Tornado Super match .


(Mick enjoying the later afternoon session at Moggs )

We had a very strong rip running across the beach but weren't able to fish were we would have liked as the surfers were using the rip to get out to the back of the breakers and the risk of hitting someone with a sinker wasn't worth the risk.


( Mogg's with a reasonable number of people enjoying the afternoon)

The fishing didn't pick up as we had hoped and Mick was only able to get a small Salmon after the two that I had picked up earlier. Still it was a great way to spend an afternoon and much better than sitting at home watching the box.


( Not many fish to show but still enough to put a smile on the dial )

The lighter leads and rigs worked well even with the side drift and it was well worth the drive down , Mick stayed a bit longer into the evening so hopefully he picked up a decent fish with the Salmon as bait.

Looking forward to the next few weeks where I plan on hitting the fishing a bit more than usual :D