Caleta de Fusta, Forte Ventura

Thu Feb 03, 2011 12:40 am

Bit late posting this but just to give people a heads up in case there are holidaying here.
First of all a beautiful place for holidays but less about that more about the fishing.

My girlfriend knew Id want to go fishing, we can't even go to St Stevens green without me wandering around the pond looking for the giant pike that supposedly lives there.

Anyways bought a telescopic crappy rod and reel set for €25, I should held out and got a decent one for cheaper in the tackle shop on the beach "Gone Fishing"

Paid €70 for a half days fishing there leaving the next day at 9am. I had seen fishing trips for sale all over the place: at the shops on the harbor. All €70 for 4 hours fishing "deep sea" or "shark". They were all selling the same trip and deep sea and shark was the same.

Picked up some odds and ends and some prawn as bait, the guy didn't give me too much info I don't blame him I look like a tourist, well I was a tourist!

You cant fishing in the Harbor unfortunately as there are 100's of huge mullet lazing around a millions of other fish trying to devour every crumb thrown in the water. I messed around on the rocks, got a few bites but no joy.

Of course the pics advertising the fishing trip showed lads with sharks and tuna, other big fish etc.

Arrived down the next morning. Beautiful boat looked the business, called the "albacora cat".

Seemed like there was bit too many people for my liking, we set off and the boats and put out huge lures and poppers, big game stuff. I shifted around so that if they got a take I'd get on the rod!
No takes unfortunately after 40 min and we stopped and were given a spinning rod with little 3 hook flappers and a bucket of squid strips and that was it we were left to fish. Other lads on the boat were sound, some of them complete novices, tried to help them, the crew wern't saying much. Mainly concerned with keeping any decent bream or snapper to sell to the restaurant on the Harbor.

Caught about 30 fish myself. Some nice bream a few nice snapper, lots of bonito, they live baited a couple of them on a balloon float but no joy, few wrasse looking things, few little gobie looking fellahs, a couple of tiny but beautifully coloured little fish. I asked had they a spinning lure I could use but they didn't!

That was it then, back to the harbor, one guy had only caught 2 fish! Me and two Dutch lads drank all the beer in the fridge on the way back, they had the lures out again but no takes.

Had loads more pics but my girlfriend thought they were multiple pics of the same fish and deleted them! Some of the bream had lice the size of my foot, disgusting.

Was it worth €70 no not really but not a bad way to spend the morning, holidays are holidays.

Went fishing off the rocks another day for a while no joy. Came back the next day with bread and caught about 20 little mullet wish was actually great fun.

If you put in the time had a good cast or got a good spinning set up I'm sure you could land a few beautys, there's defo fish in the water.
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Re: Caleta de Fusta, Forte Ventura

Thu Feb 03, 2011 3:14 am

great report and some lovely fish as well,well done

Re: Caleta de Fusta, Forte Ventura

Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:23 pm

Nice report.

Was there a few years ago in Corralego and done a bit off some of the beaches. Used Prawn for bait as well. Lots of little bait robbing fish over there, but there are some nice Bream to be had off the beaches if you put in the time. Where sand meats rock is always a good spot. Spinning rod with 2 & 3oz leads should do for most of what you encounter off the beaches over there. There are some small sharks that buzz about the rocks at Poza Negro and there have been some big ray taken off the beach, but you would need heavier gear for them. You need a car to get the best out of the Island from a holiday and fishing point of view. Loved the place myself and am looking forward to getting back there. If anyone ever makes Poza Negra the little cafe on the left as you look at the Ocean servers some cracking food with an amazing view that you'll have to yourself. You'll need coupla espanyol for this area though.


Re: Caleta de Fusta, Forte Ventura

Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:36 pm

was over ther 2 years ago, picked up a great little grauvell spinning rod and reel in 'gone fishing' which I still use today! Aram in gone fishing is a very helpful guy, caught a couple of 'boggers' fishing a little float set up with some squid of the rocks, you cant beat fishing in the sun with a cold beer. Heading back there the end of March with the missus, can't wait. Watch this space... :D

Re: Caleta de Fusta, Forte Ventura

Sat Feb 05, 2011 10:45 am

at least you got a few fish out there. id be happy blanking on a beach in the canarian sun.
theres difinatly bigger fish to be had out there, check this out