fishing in Spain, near Estartit

Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:39 pm


Got in early for the cheap flights and have a holiday booked for the lot of us to Estartit, east of Barcelona in Spain. Gonna use Google Earth but wonder if anyone has done any fishing there?

Cheers and a happy New Year to you all,

Re: fishing in Spain, near Estartit

Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:10 pm

n order to fish from a small boat, in the harbour or off the breakwater or rocks along the coastline, you should first be in possession of a licence to carry out the activity. The licence, called a 'Licencia de Pesca - Maritima de Recreo' costs a little less than a freshwater licence and is valid for a period of either one or three years. There are no 'short term' licences available.

In order to apply for a sea fishing licence, a visit to the provincial capital is necessary as I believe you must be present when applying. It is not worth the risk fishing without the required permit.

Catalonia: Licences for Recreational Fishing

A recreational fishing license (Llicència de pesca recreativa) is required to fish the inland or marine waters, or underwater, in Catalonia.

* For information regarding the types of fishing licences available in Catalonia: Click here (in Spanish)
* For full details of marine fishing: Click here (PDF in Spanish)

In Catalonia, permits are available for one to four years (renewable), the price varies depending on period of duration. The licence free for pensioners and people under 14 years of age.

An underwater-fishing licence (Llicència de pesca recreativa subaquàtica) is valid for one year and is renewable. An application for an underwater fishing licence must be accompanied by an official medical certificate stating that the applicant is physically fit enough. If the certificate is not in Spanish or Catalan it must be officially translated in either of those languages.

A collective recreational fishing licence is available for groups of up to ten or ten or more people fishing together (Llicència de pesca recreativa collectiva). There is a separate application form in this case.

* Licences are available to anyone 16 years of age and older who has not been banned from recreational fishing
* A parent or guardian must apply for a licence for a child under 16
* Licences are free for children under 14, for retirees and people with a permanent or total disability

Applying for a fishing licence

Recreational fishing and recreational underwater fishing licences for Catalonia can be applied for and renewed online via the Generalitat de Catalunya website. A Spanish physical address is not required. After the application is submitted, applicants receive notification via e-mail or SMS text message that the licence is ready and printable. The applicant can then download and print the licence. Applications made online are discounted and payment is made using a credit card.

A licence can be applied for in person; submit an application to the territorial Department of the Environment office (Serveis Territorials de Medi Ambient). A paying-in slip is issued, which is used to pay the licence fee at a la Caixa d'Estalvis i Pensions (La Caixa) bank or ServiCaixa self-service machine (available 24-hours a day). The bank or machine will issue a receipt, which should be taken back to the Media Ambiente office, where the licence should be issued immediately. The paying-in receipt is only valid for one month. Application forms for the llicencia de pesca recreativa are available online and at Serveis Territorials de Medi Ambient offices.

* For contact information, including addresses, of territorial Medi Ambient i Habitatge offices:

Failure to obtain the necessary permits and licences can result in large fines and confiscation of fishing equipment. Some anglers choose to hire professional tour operators to obtain the required permits, licences and insurance.

I hope this helps. Good luck

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Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:59 pm

I have family in Tarragona south off you and I fish the ebro every year and the advice above is so true dont take risk get a licence. Been fishing spain since a child and were some holiday anglers get away with it I have seen loads not so lucky.

Estartit is the north end off costa brava and has a very nice harbour always mullet about a big part off it private club but the north end got some good rocks its on the passeg del mollinet many years ago (to many ) had a good day here. Go to thur market and buy big bag off shrimp mix with bread and some sea water ground bait and even float some off the shrimp for it works a treat.

Anyway two words river ter the mouth off the river ter is great for mullet same as home get them feeding but dont over feed or they fill up and you get nothing.

beaches not great most people hire or go on boat fishing trip better results. Hope that helps a bit has been a few years since been up there. i do tarragona more but let us now how it goes.

Re: fishing in Spain, near Estartit

Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:45 pm

Omg, thanks guys. I thought my Spanish was half decent but officialdom is another world!

We'll have to see how I can go about getting that licence!


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Tue Jan 11, 2011 11:39 am

most tackle shops in spain can help with forms and get them put through. I always get my own before travel saves time.

also try these folks fire them an email


Spanish Tourist Office
79 New Cavendish Street

Information and brochures 00800 1010 5050

or do a google search for this email

Spanish Embassy, Dublin, Ireland: +353 (0)1 283 9900.

can also post on this forum below or search it for others that have should find more info on it like tackle shops in the area and try contact them yourself. I use one for tarragona and have saved so much time loads off x pats on these sites. even found a fishing club in area and have fished with them loads always helps knowing other anglers in area. if link below no good iam sure a google search find you another. ... spain.html

I do hope all this helps.

líneas del thight y buena suerte (rob)

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Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:03 pm

Brilliant info guys - here is the reply from tourspain

(Provinces of Barcelona, Gerona, Lérida, Tarragona)
Delegación de Medio Ambiente,
Servicios territoriales de Barcelona (they also
give licences for other provinces in Catalonia)
Travessera de Gracia 56, 08006 Barcelona
Tel. 0034 93 5670815. Fax 0034 93 2090453

Recreational and Subaqua fishing
Delegación Agricultura, Alimentación y Acción Rural
Avenida Meridiana 38, 08018 Barcelona.
Tel. 003493 4092090 Fax 003493 4092091

Re: fishing in Spain, near Estartit

Thu Jan 13, 2011 5:08 pm

Good grief, it's that sort of red tape that convinces me that a licencing system for RSA in Ireland should be fought tooth and nail.