Relaxing with Mates

Thu Dec 30, 2010 1:02 am

Well as the strong onshore wind would be bringing in weed and a large swell to the seaside beaches and the time restraints a few of us had we decided not to head outside the bay and to have a session down at Port. Hopes weren't high as we fully understood that the snapper were now into their spawing and the chance of getting a good sized fish was slim, still better to be out on the water than sitting watching the idiot box.

Weather conditions that greated us were as stated a strong southerly with reasonable sized swell which dictated that we would need to be casting the heavier leads if we wanted to get the baits out to the rubble beds, I was using both my new Century TT Ultra lite and the TTLD Super match. The more I am using these rods the more I am liking the way they handle a large percentage of the fishing within the bay.Graham was using his TTLD matched to the yet to be christened Penn Torque 100 and Allan was using the Kilwell Pendulum 1 also matched to the Penn Torque 100.


( Allan alongside the Century TTUL and TTLD SM )

As was forecast the winds abated into the evening making it quite a pleasant evening , but we still required the waterproof jackets to keep the cold from getting into our old bones ( Allan pointed out that at 50 I am now a senior citizen :evil: )


( Graham enjoying the sunset )

The bites weren't coming on thick and fast as we had expected but the approaching weather front did provide us with a fantastic sunset .



( Well worth coming out for the evening )

On the fishing front we all got something , Allan with a small Trevally, myself with a small Pinky and Graham finally blooded his Torque with his first ever Ling . We were supprised at picking one of these up at this time of year as they are more common during the colder weather , but it still put a smile on Grahams face to get a fish on board even thought he returned it in the hope of getting its bigger siblings.


( Graham's first ever Ling )


( The Ling not to be confused with the Rock Ling or Rock cod that is also taken from Port Phillip )

All in all a great evening relaxing with mates and looking forward to heading out again over the weekend .

Regards :D

Re: Relaxing with Mates

Fri Dec 31, 2010 2:16 pm

Nice Report Jeremy.... Looks like you git a nice sunset at least...