Another top weekend

Sun Jul 18, 2010 1:05 pm

Well the weekend has ended with mixed luck for a few of the ASF members that have been out and about. As Luke has reported he and Lee thought that they were fishing in merry old England with him taking a good sized eel.

Well Mike and I headed out with the hope of taking a few fish ourselves.


Here we see the sun setting down Fairhaven way where we were sending out baits Whitebait, Blue bait , Chicken fillet an Pilchard hoping to et the fish on one of these.

We weren’t alone as there were a number of other hopefuls also along the beach.


The action was quite slow as we were fishing the falling tide and for me it was even slower with only a single bite while I was there.

Mike faired better with a few fish.


(Mike with one of his Salmon)

The size of the fish wasn’t big but they were still fun.


(One of the better fish by Mike)

Mike didn’t have everything his own way with a few drama’s on the threadline matched to his Nitro Messiah but he did the rig back later in the session with a bonus crab.


One bit of info that was to Mike benefit was the way the light 3 oz breakaway leads held so well compared to the heavier weights that he was initially using with the Messiah.

My luck wasn’t in on the Saturday but it was on the Friday night and I have these two beauties to show for it.


This was courtesy of proceeds from a night at Crown where I had a meal with a very good friend and had a good win.

All in all a good weekend :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: