Weekend Ramblings 04_07_2010

Mon Jul 05, 2010 3:50 am

As per my usual practice I headed down for a short fish on Thursday evening and took down one of my threadline outfits planning on discussing casting with them to another angler Geoff who is interested in getting more performance out of them. It was interesting to see how my casting was affected with the reel as I had become so comfortable with the overheads, I very rarely use my larger threadlines anymore.

Two key factors became plainly evident to me , one I was very rusty at casting with them ( No finger guard ) and the problems of the bail flicking over during a powerful cast puts a sudden stop to proceedings.
I will need to get back into the swing of casting with these again as I have my daughters FMJ and my own to be finished in the near future.


( Okuma Bait runner matched to Century TTLD – Need to work out method for bail lock )

On Saturday it was decided that we would head out for a session on the beach , Jan Juc was the final choice but as my luck would have it things didn’t go to plan with me locking myself out of the house which caused a delay in getting gear together and the inevitable key things like head lamps not being in my usual kit. Still Graham, Allan and I did eventually hit the beach just on the top of the full around 4.30 in the afternoon. What greeted us was good swell but unfortunately the surfers also thought it was too good to pass up.


( Allan with Threadline outfit and Surfers in the background )

Also there were a number of other hopefuls on the beach thereby limiting the available room on this rather small beach when you compare it to others like 13th and Fairhaven which is some of the other productive beaches in the area.


( Looking back down the left side of the beach where the majority of angler were )

We did manage to get onto a few Salmon and Graham was far happy this time round as compared to last weekend when rip and weed conditions decimated his sinker and rig supply. May be worth getting Lee to go for a dive in the area to try and salvage some of the lead and rigs in the near future.


( Graham with one of the earlier caught Salmon )

The beach had a considerable rip in the close in gutter and if it weren’t for the grip leads Allan and graham would have been seeing there baits right back on the beach in short order.
I was using reasonable heavy leads of 6 oz and outing them further out into the second gutter which didn’t have as much of a rip in it and so held position well. Also as the tide was falling, the baits put further out were hit by the few Salmon that we ended with.
Still as they say the worst day’s fishing is better than your best day at work.


( Always good to be on the beach )

On the Sunday it was decided that a casting session was in order as next weekends comp was looming which saw Mike and I down at Westerfold park working on our respective swings and trying to get the timing right on the turns.

Hopefully we have go weather and a reasonable turnout of members especially those wanting to put down distances with their fishing gear and a baited rig combo. Will be interesting to see what we get.

Regards :D

Re: Weekend Ramblings 04_07_2010

Tue Jul 06, 2010 9:02 pm

Cheers JPS. Always interesting to read what you're up to down under.