Weekend Ramblings Oz 20/06/2010

Mon Jun 21, 2010 3:57 am

The weekend weather reports weren’t the best, but for a Melbourne winter you couldn’t really expect a great deal better.

Graham, Dennis and I had a short practice session on the Saturday afternoon down at Westerfold Park and surprisingly the weather was excellent with a slight breeze and sunny conditions greeting us. Unfortunately the good weather also saw a number of other park users out and about which restricted casting options for a while. Still we were able to have a bit of fun and smiley (Graham after winning the SS) was able to put down a few casts and see how the rod reacted to his casting style. As we had planned to meet up at Geelong the following day first to have a few more chucks and then to head down to the beach to see if we could get into a few fish, none of us were to worried about the short session.

Sunday morning greeted us with cold and rain and the thought of standing on the field tossing leads just didn’t seem that appealing so we started to make plans to simply head straight down to the beach. Strange how it’s ok to stand on a beach, pier or rocks in the rain fishing but we start to think ourselves crazy if we do other things like casting in the rain.

As one has come to expect from the Melbourne weather by the time we had travelled down to Geelong the weather had cleared and with Allan already being on the filed we did decide to have a short session which would then allow Lee to get a leave pass for the afternoon fishing session down at Jan Juc.
The casting was nothing major with the three of us simply working on fixing our techniques and discussion how to transfer this back on to the beach.

By the time Lee called saying he was able to be picked up the weather had improved even more with the sun breaking through the clouds more often than not.

Heading down to Jan Juc the expectations were high as the earlier check on the Web cam had shown good formation and moderate swells. What greeted us however was anything but moderate. The swell was over 2 meters and pounding in with a number of waves pushing right up on the beach.


(Allan & Lee discussing tactics for the session whilst overlooking the rods and others fishing the beach in the big swell)

As would be expected in these conditions there was a lot of sand stirred up and therefore what we hoped would be clean deep gutters was just a white wash. Still we managed to pull a few small Salmon out but nothing that you would write home about.


(One of the small salmon destined to be turned into bait in the hope of something bigger)


(Graham with tripod set up and Allan)

What was pleasing to see was the smile on Lee’s face as he put his new Tip Tornado Super match through its paces matched to the Daiwa 7HT mag that he was presented at last weeks Australian Championship. The reel was mounded up the rod and at first he was just belting out the 65 gram raider lure in the hope of getting a fish.


(Lee putting the new outfit into use spinning with Raider lure)


(Lee working the Super Match & 7HT combo)

No luck on that score so back to bait and a 6 oz grip lead.
The look of sheer enjoyment on his face as he belted out a series of casts reinforced my opinion that the rod is one of the best for Victorian beach use with a bite sensitive tip yet has the power to put a big bait and heavy sinker out a very long way.


(Century Super Match with 7HT loaded with Ultima Power Steel – Top class outfit for our Beaches)

We fished into the early part of the evening but nothing eventuated even with using the fresh salmon fillets.


(Graham hoping for the big one to take the bait)
All in all a very relaxed weekend and looking forward to the coming weeks, hopefully getting into a bigger class of fish.

Regards :mrgreen: