What you do when not casting in OZ

Mon Apr 26, 2010 1:42 am

Well with the long weekend and after another hectic week at work it was decided some beach therapy was needed and hopefully we could connect with some good gummy or school sharks.
With the forecast for the weekend bein anything but ideal ,Lee and I headed down the coast . To our supprise and relief the weather forecast did not eventuate and conditions were quite reasonable, only a few liht showers and the wind droppin to make it quite pleasant with a 3/4 moon makin the beach quite briht when the clouds parted.

On this night we had a combination of squid, whitebait and pilchards as well as some Salmon that Lee had taken earlier , it was a pleasnat supprise that by puttin the baits in close past the first break we started picking up some small Salmon that would be turned into fresh bait .


( Lee running a simple patternoster rig and using whitebait gets the fresh bait organised - Also good smokin size :D )

We caught a few of the Salmon as the tide made and our hopes were rising that the bigger predators wouldn't be far behind.


( Yet another Salmon , this one taken on a wishbone ri match with 2/0 circle hooks )


( Some of the Salmon that were destine for smoking )

As luck would have it Lee was the first to get a hit from a bigger fish but after a short tussel had that sickenin sensation when the line goes limp and you know that your luck or lack of checkin your gear has given the fish its freedom. In this case it was a broken leader just up from the double.


( Hoping for that better fish )

After this we started getting the usual run of Skate and Banjo sharks that we have come to expect when targeting the gummies and School sharks.

( A ood sized Bull Skate taken on the TT Match )


( Considered safe the Skate still has a mouth that you don't want your fingers too close - note the wire bein used )

It was soon to be my turn to get the rush as my reel screamed into life and the TT Supermatch buckled over on to what was definately not another skate. Line was ripped off the reel and the fish screamed down the beach. Its been a while that I have had that feeling of a fast aggresive fish and I was hopin that it would last a while. Yet again Lady luck was only taunting me as the fish turned and I lost contact with the fish. Winding in fast hoping that it was swimmin towards me only to have the realisation that I had dropped the best fish for the night :cry:

After that the tide had well and truely peaked and was on the turn and as has been the trend here the fishing slowed right down . Still I persisted belting the baits out well behind the break in the hope of pickin up a fish.


( Another Fiddler ray taken towards the bottom of the tide and with the baits sent well out )


( Making sure that all unwanted species are returned back safe - A fiddler showing the excellent camoflage )

With the results from the Saturday fresh in our minds and the feeling that the fish should still be in the area we headed down aain on the Sunday evening but one again we only picked up the Salmon , Trevally and usual Skates and Banjos.

Well it will have to wait till next weekend to see if we can get into some of the bigger ones :roll:
Well thats my excuse for going again ;)

Re: What you do when not casting in OZ

Mon Apr 26, 2010 7:08 pm

great report and your a lucky man

Re: What you do when not casting in OZ

Mon Apr 26, 2010 9:22 pm

Wow. Keep the reports coming. Seriously jealous