fisheries officers

Sat Aug 01, 2020 12:30 am

I recently had a run in with a couple of fishery officers whilst fishing here in West Cork. I was approached at night by a couple of fellas asking if I'd caught anything and being open and happy to talk I told them I'd had nothing. They identified themselves as fisheries officers and things went downhill from then. One of them immediately was of the opinion that i was targeting Bass (not illegal) and quizzed me on the Bass regulations, he was very antagonistic and argumentative. I assured him I'd caught nothing but he continued to be very aggressive and threatened to search my car. I lost my temper by then and told them I wasn't going to answer any more of their questions and they should leave me alone. I may have used some colourful language at this stage. The arsey ones partner apologised for his colleagues behaviour as I was leaving a while later. They had hung around in their van until I'd packed up and left. All very intimidating.
Anyone else had any experiences with these individuals?