COVID-19: IFI Angling Guidelines

Fri Apr 03, 2020 4:49 pm

IFI angling guidelines that have been issued are to facilitate those that wish to take angling as their brief exercise while at all times following Government and HSE guidelines relating to social distancing.

IFI offers further clarification as follows:

Fishing for a brief period means no more than an hour to an hour and a half
Fish in a location less than or equal to 2km from your home
Driving to fish is considered non-essential travel and therefore it is NOT APPROPRIATE for people to drive to a location whether within 2km or further from home for the purpose of fishing.
Fish only where you have permission to fish – do not enter into private fisheries
Use only legal methods
Where you intend to fish club waters, check that they are open for fishing (even if they are within 2km, they may not be open).


Re: COVID-19: IFI Angling Guidelines

Sat Apr 18, 2020 3:42 pm

Update from IFI


Thursday, 16th of April 2020: Sean Canney TD, Minister with responsibility for the Inland Fisheries Sector has commended the action of the vast majority of anglers during the Covid-19 measures and urged all to continue to respect the current measures and #stayathome.

Minister Canney said that ‘angling is an activity that brings physical and mental benefits and can be practiced safely in these unprecedented times. I commend the vast majority of our anglers who have lead by example but I urge those all who wish to engage in angling to do so following the advice set out by the health authorities and reflected in guidelines set out by Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) on March 28th”. “I appreciate that anglers will be itching to get out on our world-class rivers and lakes but, if that involves travel, now is not the time - stay within 2km of your home”, he added.

The Minister emphasised that the current measures remain in place up to 5 May but that matters are being reviewed on an ongoing basis.

IFI angling guidance, based on public health advice facilitates anglers to fish while complying with Covid-19 social distancing, exercise and distance limitations which are enforced by Gardai. These guidelines remain in place.

The Minister advised that following various patrols and emergency call outs, IFI have confirmed that there is little angling activity taking place as anglers, like the rest of the population, #stayathome.