Re: bass regulations kerry

Thu Feb 11, 2016 1:49 pm

It's nuts that there can be a closed season for a month in clare but a two bass bag limit,c&r for six months in Waterford, and one bass a day all year long in Kerry. Some streamlining is badly needed.

And by streamlining I don't mean have the closed season nationwide ! I am seriously looking forward to fishing from mid May -it's the time of year when previously you had to abandon just as things were hotting up!

Re: bass regulations kerry

Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:18 pm

As I see it the situation is as follows;

The EU regulation applies (direct effect) as Jim C points out. However there is no mechanism for its eforcement - IFI can only enforce and prosecute under the Fisheries Consolidation Act 1959 as amended (and Water Pollution acts) and regulations made under this primary legislation. All powers of prosecution derive from this domestic legislation. There is as yet no Irish provision allowing prosecution under the EU regulation. Hence the IFI's view that domestic legislation is necessary. Otherwise the new regulation is toothless.

Equally the EU Regulation is silent as to the close season. it does not say that you can fish during that time. It merely sets a maximum number of fish that may be retained per day during particular periods in specified areas. As a result the 2007 Statutory Instrument close season applies everywhere in the jurisdiction until it's repealed. Even Donegal.