Sun Jan 03, 2016 11:09 pm


Les marées dans la vie des hommes (original title)
A film by Loic Jourdain
John O'Brien, a fisherman from the small island of Bo Finne in Ireland did not know he would embark on a long crusade when he initiated with the help of an insular group of international experts and NGOs, a European campaign to regain his ancestors right to fish. How could he have measured the magnitude of the task? Filmed for 8 years, the film tells how this man put himself, as "David against Goliath", in the heart of the new reform of the Common Fisheries in Brussels to try to understand and change the system that took everything from him. This is the story of a man, the story of a community, a country and all Europe.

« the film is one of the most accessible and informative studies of the role the EU now plays in our lives, often largely ignored or misunderstood . »
Seán Crosson for Film Ireland

Official website: www.a-turning-tide-in-the-life-of-man-film.eu/

Re: Turning

Tue Jan 05, 2016 4:34 pm

was a good show - especially the entangled web that is EU bureaucracy

he had some apetite for it - all the same the he knows himself they are driving the crab to extinction locally - but hard to know what to do