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Sun Dec 20, 2015 2:17 pm

shortcircuit wrote:I think as regards bass, the deal suits us well, but it probably wasn't too tough to achieve seeing as we didn't have commercials pushing against it here. What must have made a difference though was the info on mortality rates for C&R because I saw some very badly informed figures floating about (upwards of 50%)-which the EU commission must have believed if they wanted to impose a complete ban. Coveney deserves credit for securing the C&R in any case.

Out of interest , I would love to see this site run a survey asking us anglers here what is our observed mortality rate for bass. I wonder also is there a big difference between lure and bait caught fish ?

Other points above:

There is no doubt that the UK anglers were completely sold down the river. The British fisheries minister really screwed them.

Regarding other commercial activity, it seems there is little political will to restrict commercial activity. "If it's legal, sure it must be OK" seems to be the attitude. It seems that incidents like pair trawling in dunmanus or Waterford estuary, or the infamous mullet haul in Cork harbour are doomed to be repeated.I think it's because politicians are willing to say "we can't do anything about it, it's dictated by europe"- It's a great get out clause for them

I think we tend to forget that the bass restrictions were argued/discussed by 28 member states. The local picture would get little look-in. So any minister arguing on behalf of C&R during the proposed moratorium was really arguing for C&R EU-wide. It looks like angling had no Plan B on negotiations or were not listened to (as usual), we were happy to get C&R where it could have been a ban. If the original proposals were brought in it would have been a brilliant result. As it happens it is still fine for us in Ireland but terrible if you are French, Netherlands, Belgium and of course UK. They see themselves as taking the pain for no gain - and yes they are! Netters and liners actually got an increase in their per-month catch from 1T to 1.3T - What genius thought that was a good plan to agree to based on the EU's position on bass?

If there is one consolation for anglers (Hopefully): These latest measures are for 2016 only. There is a management plan to be put in place for 2017 and beyond. Also the EU has committed to MSY (Maximum sustainable Yield) before 2020. Whoever sold the idea that netters are "low-impact" is some salsman :)
All this brings the possibility of a complete moratorium in the next couple of years a real possibility. From an Angling point of view - Precedence has been set by allowing C&R angling ( you would think!).

On the mortality rates - There is a paper in review at the moment that will be published shortly. It will have plenty of superb info that can help shape bass management going forward...

Re: Catch and release Bass Fishery - from Simon Coveney

Sun Dec 20, 2015 2:49 pm

Sounds scarily familiar in so many ways!

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Sun Dec 20, 2015 5:46 pm

keymcg wrote:Sorry Jim, I cannot open your link.
I would not propose opening a commercial fishery but would be 100 percent in favour of some form of licence for a catch and release sports fishery.
Let's face it, if the fish are there then it's not surprising that some people are going to fish for them.
At least if there was a properly regulated fishery in place this could be curbed.
All it needs is someone with the vision to see that this is an opportunity to be exploited rather than a problem to be ignored

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keymcg - if you changed the word exploited to managed i would think you would get far more traction

Re: Catch and release Bass Fishery - from Simon Coveney

Sun Dec 20, 2015 5:57 pm

Probably a poor choice of words alright.

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