Sea Angling summit at Irish Game Fair

Fri Dec 04, 2015 1:56 am


Thanks to Kieran for his permission to post this.

I am writing on behalf of the Irish Game Fair which incorporates the Northern Ireland Angling Show and organises the biggest Country Sports and Angling event in the country.

The Irish Game Fair are VERY keen to have Sea Angling represented at their events and are seeking the help and assistance of Anglers in making this happen. A Sea Angling summit would be the ideal incorporating as much Sea Angling as possible at the Irish Game Fair, Shanes Castle on 25th and 26th June 2016, involving everything from casting demonstrations, rig tying etc, etc.

I would like to gauge interest from any anglers who would be interested in getting involved and working in conjunction with the many manufacturers, brands and tackle dealers that are coming together to make Sea Angling a major part of the event in 2016 along with the magazine Irish Country sports and Country Life Magazine.

Anyone who would like to be involved or like more information, please get in touch - I would like to round up a team of a few lads who would be keen to represent Sea Angling at a major event with the chance to work with some big brands and manufacturers, and for a good weekends craic!