Bass Fishing Reality 2015

Mon Oct 12, 2015 3:08 pm

There was a fantastic post on here last year with loads of great ideas and salient points regarding the state of Bass Fishing or lack thereof. A year later we have seen an upheaval with regards to a European Bass consultation with some changes in thinking, evidence of reality with regards to the state of stocks and some legislative measures towards total destruction. I could ask, does anything ever really change in Ireland?

I was just wondering if anything had come of the post last year where there was a suggestion of a meeting of "interested" or "concerned" stakeholders. When I say stakeholders I effectively mean anyone that fishes for bass and/or gives a toss for their survival in Irish waters. Another year has passed since Crevan lit the fire, I was just wondering if it has stayed alight or has the wind of apathy killed the flame?

I believe there was suggestion of a possible meeting being organised to further the ideas and conglomerate the efforts of those who would stick a head up to do something constructive, possibly assisted by Irish Bass???

There is a famous quote I remember "Much good work is lost, for lack of a little more" or perhaps more suitable "No Man is an Island"

Re: Bass Fishing Reality 2015

Mon Oct 12, 2015 7:35 pm

Do we have a problem with bass populations?
Where does that problem now exist?
What is being done first to realise there may be an issue?

What is the scale, extant, and impact of the issue?

Who what or why is Irish Bass?

Consequences of the acknowledgement?

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Tue Oct 13, 2015 9:37 am

Do we have a problem with bass populations? -------------------------YES.

Where does that problem now exist? -----------------------------------NOBODY QUITE KNOWS BUT THE SUSPICION IS THE LOWER ENGLISH CHANNEL IN SPRINGTIME.

What is being done first to realise there may be an issue?----------A LOT OF HOT AIR AND NOT MUCH ACTION.

What is the scale, extant, and impact of the issue?------------------QUITE LARGE ACTUALLY.

Who what or why is Irish Bass?------------------------------------------DITTO.

Consequences of the acknowledgement?-------------------------------MORE HOT AIR?

Expanding on the above answers: went online in the spring of 2008 - 314 diary posts, mostly relating to shore fishing sessions in counties Wicklow and Wexford show a steady decline in bass encountered on many marks that I fish over this seven year period.

Possible corrective measure: Replace volunteerism with professionalism, Replace the term recreational angling (too fluffy) with the term tourism angling (implies revenue) and employ a multi species approach to inshore fisheries rehabilitation and management structures.

The link is to a presentation given by me at the North Western Waters Advisory Council Bass Workshop held in Dublin Castle on Thursday 18/09/2014, a meeting which was attended by most of the major European commercial and tourism stakeholder and lobby groups,

I wish to acknowledge Jim Hendrick's contribution to the presentation content.

Objectively, what was the key point I learned from the meeting?

1. There is a collective deep suspicion and lack of understanding of wants/needs/motivations/modus operandi between "catching" commercial and "tourist" commercial bass interest groups.


It was clear, outside of the hard line lobbyists, that 1st party interest groups representing both commercial "catching" and commercial "tourist" bass fishers recognised their common ground and this is where progress can be made.

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Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:27 am

Welcome to SAI Columcille!
What a profound first post :wink:

You will find a great many posts on here about conservation, bass and other species too, and there are many ideas put forward and many contributors air their musings about the state of our fish and our fishing.

Sea anglers do not have effective representation. Simple as that really.

Most anglers that have an interest in “doing something constructive” about some species tend to have to beaver away by themselves or in small groups. Sea angling is diverse and sea anglers are diverse. You will even see “oh not bass conservation again...” posts appear here from time to time! Many would prefer a one size fits all in terms of conservation - A fix everything approach rather than concentrating on specific species. Others concentrate on species that they fish for most - Like many bass anglers do! As I say, anglers are a diverse bunch.

To my knowledge there has been no large meeting of stakeholders. I think that in these straitened times it is difficult to organise a national meeting of any nature. This does not mean that there have been no meetings though!

I reckon that Irish Bass is more of one man’s way of doing something constructive and less an organisation that can be mobilised.

As I say, Sea Anglers do not have effective representation - but this does not mean that that they are not representing themselves!

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Tue Oct 13, 2015 12:32 pm

Jim, Jim and Ashley,

Profound, is a new one on me! Anyhow, if I am totally truthful I knew the answer before I asked the question, to some extent it was asked to gauge apathy so I appreciate the relevant replies. I am a stakeholder like yourselves because I fish for bass, I don't fish for anything else out of choice but that does not mean that I would not assist the mackie bashers, the sea trout chasers, the cod and ling pullers....whatever. As the sea and indeed its non visible and less tangible inhabitants are all connected, we as anglers are connected realise it or not.

Do we have a problem with bass populations? -------------------------Absolutely and everyone in Europe now knows it, stakeholders and otherwise.

Where does that problem now exist? -----------------------------------Anywhere there was bass previously.

What is being done first to realise there may be an issue?----------Baby steps at an EU level to appease anglers??, but not at the cost of the commercial fishing lobby.

What is the scale, extant, and impact of the issue?------------------FECKIN MASSIVE actually.................

Who what or why is Irish Bass?------------------------------------------ An army of one!

Consequences of the acknowledgement?

As a subsequent idea of my original post I had a notion the other day when I heard some eejit talking about an election on the radio. Now I am not into politics, I really don't care for it as I would class myself as part of a disenfranchised majority. Acutely aware of the illusion of democracy created by a multiparty system funded by and for the banks, whereas it used to be politics of consent, ie, by the people for the people, certainly since ancient Rome. However, this doesn't mean we can't use them as they squeeze us, what do I mean by this?
I don't care if you vote FG,FF, SF, Lab, Muppet Show or whatever, now is a prime time to write to the current opposition. On the day vote for whoever you like, the concept is to exert pressure when they want something from us prior to that day. I have tried this in a previous life and it worked when people said it couldn't. I don't care if you are concerned by the lack of mackeral hoovered up by Vikings, freshwater devastation caused by those who don't quite get our culture yet, Salmon farms in the West or the pathetic state of Irish Bass (the species itself), now is the time to write to the relevant parties in opposition. Now, IFI are experts at writing reports and they would conclude the benefits of angling to the "recovering?" economy and indeed the estimated number of voters/anglers that fish.

In an ideal world we would have an organisation for bass anglers, with members, committee, elections, agendas, transparency,a common goal, county based reps to act as capable guardians and liase/hold to account IFI (remember, they work for us!) but sadly we do not and I doubt we ever will. It would be too big a job for an army of one, you, me, himself, yer man or whoever!

Everyone, Bass Fisherman or otherwise has their own particular part to play. No part is too great or too small, no one is too old or too young to do something.

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Tue Oct 13, 2015 6:52 pm

We had something
Its changed or taken away or impacted upon in too many ways we don't understand
It probably wont be back for a while
If you've experienced what it was truly like and could be, you know whats missing

Enjoy if you can, whats left -

Life is short - its October, the sun is setting, high tide is in 90 mins, the weather is perfect, the anticipation will always for me, remain!

All the best from here.

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Wed Oct 14, 2015 8:58 am

I could not agree more Jim and actually did just that, bait fishing though as against lure/fly was the method. Possibly a wrong choice given the conditions but what the hell, wasn't I out in it.

A school bass of about 2.5 lbs said hello along with small whiting and a solitary flounder.

The sunset was stunning and the company was great fun.

Does it get better?

I've lived long enough to know the answer to that and yes Jim H, life is too short so for now it's out in the open air for a spot of casting.
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