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Thu Apr 21, 2016 2:52 pm

Peter Kinsella wrote:Yes ! Just a risk that BIM may apply for a smaller version of the salmon farm after the election. Smaller could become larger with time. However, good for now.

The rules on salmon farms were changed last year - instead of production tonnage, future licences will be issued using "standing stock biomass", and farms will be limited to 5-7,000 tonnes SSB. However, this is just a way of fudging the numbers to make farms appear smaller, when in fact they are very large production units. SSB is the tonnage of fish on a farm at any given time. It is considerably lower than what the annual production would be, as fish are constantly growing and being harvested. A farm of 7,000t SSB could easily amount to 15,000t annual production. So they will apply for "small" tonnage farms, but in reality they are applying for monster-sized units like the Galway Bay project would have been.

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Thu Aug 30, 2018 11:50 am

Good information))

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Thu Apr 30, 2020 5:27 pm

Just signed corbyeire btw is there any news on bluefin fishing or is that just limited to charter boats.

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Fri May 01, 2020 11:23 am

still think its just the few selected charters that can target the tuna legally - ... chart.html

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Tue Sep 01, 2020 8:54 am

Signed, cheers.

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Wed Sep 23, 2020 6:04 pm

As a fish biologist this is REALLY important
The salmon farms (and associated sea lice) are killing the sea trout (as they already did in Connemara) and spreading again. We have a salmon farm in west Kerry, and (surprise, surprise) sea trout stocks in nearby fisheries have collapsed. Friends and ex. colleagues in the UK are telling me that wrasse (goldsinny and cuckoo) have been wiped out from the entire west coast (Ullapool to Lands End!) and that southern English stocks are under severe pressure, all to remove lice 'organically' from farmed salmon. I worked in the aquaculture industry as a kid and the horror stories I saw pushed me into fish conservation

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Mon Sep 28, 2020 12:38 pm

Figures from the Marine Institute show that there was a total of 1,512,754 Wrasse moved in Irish waters from 22/5/15/ to 30/8/19
These fish were then placed into the Salmon cages to clean the lice from the Salmon

I've selected the Wrasse movements in the surrounding area of the nearest fish farms to me.
The figures for Bantry Bay and Kenmare Bay are below.

Ahabeg 08/06/2016 to 19/07/2016 Wrasse 2,731.00
Ahabeg 20/07/2016 to 19/08/2016 Wrasse 8,321.00
Ahabeg 23/08/2016 to 14/09/2016 Wrasse 5,655.00
Ahabeg 09/09/2016 to 30/09/2016 Wrasse 3,901.00
Kenmare Bay 09/09/2016 to 30/09/2016 Wrasse 3,659.00
Ahabeg 07/10/2016 to 07/10/2016 Wrasse 3,493.00
Roancarraig, Bearhaven 14/06/2017 to 12/07/2017 Wrasse 14,806.00
Deenish 14/06/2017 to 12/07/2017 Wrasse 5,769.00
Roancarraig, Bearhaven 14/07/2017 to 09/08/2017 Wrasse 11,144.00
Deenish 14/07/2017 to 09/08/2017 Wrasse 6,720.00
Deenish 16/08/2017 to 08/09/2017 Wrasse 9,213.00
Roancarraig, Bearhaven 17/08/2017 to 08/09/2017 Wrasse 10,371.00
Deenish 15/09/2017 to 30/09/2017 Wrasse 3,659.00
Roancarraig, Bearhaven 25/06/2019 24/07/2019 Wrasse 15,077.00
Deenish 25/06/2019 24/07/2019 Wrasse 6,281.00
Deenish 01/08/2019 21/08/2019 Wrasse 17,885.00
Roancarraig, Bearhaven 01/08/2019 21/08/2019 Wrasse 14,975.00

Total 143,660.00

What happened to these fish? Did they escape, die or were they removed and destroyed.
Is there any records of disease/mortality/escapes with these cleaner fish.

There's some interesting reading in the document below on the effects of translocating local populations of wild Wrasse. ... sos.171752

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Sun Oct 18, 2020 5:37 pm

Supposedly Deenish doesn't have a problem with sea lice. So why would they import over 50,000 wrasse, in one year, to put into the site? This farm is very close to the Waterville lakes and rivers complex and juvenile sea trout caught by Ghillies are covered in lice, as are those caught fly fishing for bass. The stock has collapsed over recent years (much like all those with a nearby salmon farm) and is now C&R only (should have been years ago). This is a genetically unique stock, with ferox genes, and typical sizes much bigger than the rest of Ireland. Somebody needs to weigh up the gain of a few jobs on the salmon farm, compared to the tourists accomodation, fuel, lodgings, pub/restaurant take and employment of ghillies and boats on the fishery. The 'family' who come with the anglers, but don't fish, contribute a huge ammount to the local economy. I also question how the farms are allowed to translocate vast quantities of a species which will hybridise with local stocks?