Things do happen....... (pulled thread)

Fri Nov 04, 2005 3:11 pm

Hi Guest 2

I have had to pull your comments.

Whilst I understand and agree with your desire to out bass poachers who sell their catch illegally or offer it for consumption for profit (same thing) your post was plainly libelous.

Furthemore it lacked enough detail to leave everyone else who contributes to angling magazines in the clear / not under suspicion.

I know I am in the clear as I do not have a bass within an ass' roar of me here in Mayo but that's not the point. Your post was unfair to others...

It had to go.

If you want to comment like that, make surew you have evidence that will stand up in court and equally put your name to it and state categorically that you are willing to stand by it in court.

Otherwise you risk closing the site for good and all.


Fri Nov 04, 2005 4:32 pm

In Rapalas post of 26th September.........

"In my opinion Henry Gilbys is a numpty whos just on the make. (Just my opinion) and I'm pretty sure all them doubles the guy claims to have caught wont be around for much longer if he continues "selling out" his marks to the yellow rag to get some business for his B&B.
Incidentally, the claim to believe in catch and release, is contradicted if you go on his B&B website where you'll see they advertise local bass on the menu....Uh?? thats clever...are they giving is away free with expensive vegetables because if they arent then theres a law getting broken somewhere.
- I heard from a very realiable source that the claimed 16.11 ended up in the pot, so unless he's not bothered about his fishing anymore, he WILL regret selling out to Sea Angler. Just my opinion mind."

Some of us sit by and Some of us do :D