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Postby x » Mon Oct 03, 2005 10:26 am

"I see once again I'm either represented with out knowing it, or just not represented at all. Anyone know who or what the ""non-fishing interests"" referred to in this press release are? Is anyone representing anglers or is it just some un-named environmental groups who are recognised as the other stakeholders in the marine environment?

Marine Minister, Pat the Cope Gallagher T.D., launched a new EU Fisheries body at a major international meeting in Dublin Castle today. The meeting of the General Assembly of the North Western Regional Advisory Council marks a milestone event in European Union Common Fisheries Policy. The meeting was also attended by the UK Fisheries Minister, Ben Bradshaw M.P.

The new body is a Regional Advisory Council (RAC) for the management of fisheries stretching from the north of France to the north of Scotland. The new council, the secretariat for which is to be based in Dublin, will consist of representatives from the fishing states of Ireland, Belgium, France, Spain and the UK. Its membership will also include representatives from various environmental organisations from Ireland and England.

Minister Gallagher said, ""The RAC is most welcome as the challenges facing our fisheries sectors cannot be overcome by any one country alone. That is why it is imperative that we continue to work in partnership to enhance its future sustainability and modernisation.""

The decision to establish the Regional Advisory Councils (RACs), was taken at Fisheries Council in May 2004, under the Irish Presidency, as a means to increase stakeholder involvement. Its membership covers one of the most productive fishing areas in the world.

Welcoming the establishment of this new EU body, Minister Gallagher said that he was ""delighted that we have managed to get this new body up and running in Ireland so soon after the Irish EU Presidency in 2004 pushed strongly for the establishment of these Councils.""

""I am in no doubt that this new body will greatly help in the task of preserving fish stocks around Ireland which is at the centre of the geographical area being covered by this new body,"" added the Minister.

The Minister also stressed that ""the need to preserve fish stocks is not just a concern of fishermen but also of those in society generally who are concerned about the health of the marine environment."" The inclusion of non-fishing interests was in the Ministers view an ""especially welcome development because it is also important to take their views into account as well as the views of the fishing sectors.""

Am I the only one wondering what the IFSA actually do?"


Postby Leon Roskilly » Mon Oct 03, 2005 5:52 pm

Representation in the RACS, where anglers have but one seat :(, is organised by the European Anglers Alliance


SACN have close links with the EAA, although membership is generally through the governing bodies of the participating countries.

When the RACs were being proposed, both SACN and the EAA objected strongly to the weighting of representation in favour of the commercials.

We felt that the RACS would come to be seen as just another avenue for the commercial lobby, and not fully representative of all stakeholder interests as they were originally meant to be.

Interesting then that Jo Borg, the EU 'Fisheries Minister' has warned them that they will be ignored if they don't represent everyone fully.

See ... p?view=387

The angler representative at the last North Sea RAC meeting was Nigel Proctor, who is a member of SACN and the NFSA Conservation Group.

It might be worth contacting Jan Kappel at the EAA to see who the angling representative is to be on this RAC.


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