SAISAC Shore Comp, Courtown , Feb 25th 2012, 4pm-9pm

Sun Feb 26, 2012 11:23 pm

People: JP,Keith, Al, JD, Ruairi, Lumpy, Dominator, Dan, Garrett, Gordy, Jay

Duration: 4pm-9pm

Tide: Low water was about 5:30 pm

Weather: Sunny, calm enough

Bait: Lud, wraps,maddies, sand eel, mack etc

Rigs: Flappers and clip downs


124 fish, Flounder, Whiting, Rockling, Dab, LSD, Bass

Place	Peg	Name		Fish	Total 	Ma Points
1 3 JP Molloy 17 344 30
2 5 Keith Murphy 15 303 29
3 11 Al McGrane 14 290 28
4 10 John Diamond 12 250 27
5 4 Ruari Coleman 12 227 26
6 1 Neil Burrell 12 223 25
7 7 Donal Domeney 10 181 24
8 8 Dan Prunty 10 175 23
9 6 Garrett Flynn 8 122 22
10 9 Gordy Hardman 8 120 21
11 2 Jay Fowler 6 77 20

Largest Round
22cm Rockling - Jp, Keith,JAY: Bass - John D

Largest Flat
29cm Flounder - John D

Well I woke up in Dublin to a lovely sunny day. There were just two problems with that:
1. I had meant to drive down to Wexford previous night
2. Bright, calm , end of February. Some fishing in daylight..YEAH!

I loaded up the taximobile (octavia) and 100 minutes or so later I was at Joe Carley's house. Bait as ordered, maddies etc A1, and then over to the folks. The dinner I was meant to have the previous night was popped in the microwave, lunch sorted, and I was good to go.

Back on the N11.

I arrived at Dodd's rocks as a few lads were unloading their gear from their cars. They were having a small comp between themselves and were happy to stick to the north side of the beach, with us to the right of the entrance. I walked down to the beach to check it out finding dominator and Keith were already having a gander. Donal sorted out the pegging (left to right) and Keith and I went back to the car park to look after the check-in.

Preliminaries sorted, 11 of us were just about ready to go on the beach at 4pm. First cast for me was a flounder rig to about 40 metres or so. 20 minutes later I retrieved to find my bait untouched :cry: . Al had a double followed by a counting whiting. Second and third casts, still nothing for me. I went for a wee flounder walk, bumping into Joe Byrne on his own wee walk. Good to see him about, and some welcome advice for the conditions too.

When I got back to my rod I found the line had run up to the left! What the feck! 2 minutes later and a little bass was in the bucket. An angry little bass. Swimming around. With Joe looking after it. "Would you look at that. A bass". Another flapper out, fish measured, and a raincheck.
At ths stage Al had four fish, Jp had and Lumpy had similar and there were 2s and 3s spotted across the beach.

I picked up a flounder, then flounders and whiting. When it got dark I tried for a dog, getting a 29 cm flounder on the top hook (wrap and mack). Things went quiet for me, but after a while I picked up some under-size whiting. I decided to try for a LSD, picking one up on Maddi^H^H^H^ sand eel, with an undersize whiting on the top snood. My last cast was a disaster, I left the line slack and it broke pulling it through the gravel. :oops: :oops:

Anyway it was good to see new members, well done to JP on winning the first competition of the year and thanks to everybody who turned up.
I'm sure other club members will post their own reports too.

Thanks again to Henry's Tackle Shop for sponsoring our shore competitions.
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Re: SAISAC Shore Comp, Courtown , Feb 25th 2012, 4pm-9pm

Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:23 am

Some more photos will follow..

Re: SAISAC Shore Comp, Courtown , Feb 25th 2012, 4pm-9pm

Mon Feb 27, 2012 10:13 am

looks like a lovely day for sunbathing :lol: not ideal for big bags of fish :cry: still no one blanked ,creep was up in ballymoney and he blanked so yee didnt have it too tough :lol:

Re: SAISAC Shore Comp, Courtown , Feb 25th 2012, 4pm-9pm

Mon Feb 27, 2012 11:08 am

Nice report JD :)

Great weather and great banter as usual :D fishing was slow enough until dark for most. I was lucky enough to have fish from the start but I couldn't get a counter to save my life in the last hour and Jd was creeping up behind me(not literally) for third spot, luckily for me he lost his last rig :lol: Sorry JD, your loss is my gain :mrgreen:
Great to see new members in the club too, looking forward to Balhealy in March!

Re: SAISAC Shore Comp, Courtown , Feb 25th 2012, 4pm-9pm

Mon Feb 27, 2012 11:53 am

Really enjoyed this lads. My first comp and certainly not my last. Not too disappointed with the result as I made a shed load of mistakes and being pegged next to JP didn't help the nerves either :| But ya learn from your mistakes and JP was very helpful in giving me a few words of wisdom.

Was great to meet Joe Byrne walking up the beach. He gave out to me because my snoods were too short but a few tips saw me fishing the right rig. Had a fair few fish just a smidgen under the 18 mark after my 5 undersized counters. Only one official counter. A Rockling of 22cm which got me joined first for biggest round fish so I was happy with that! Tried for a doggie on the last cast but no luck.

Looking forward to the next one if I can make it down. For anyone thinking of getting into match fishing its a million miles away from throwing the rod out and relaxing. My legs and back are still aching! Poxy Whiting :lol:

Re: SAISAC Shore Comp, Courtown , Feb 25th 2012, 4pm-9pm

Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:53 pm

Great day out as usual. I really enjoy fishing with SAI, its always relaxed and great craic.
Good to see the new members and hopefully the went away with a few tips that will help them get more fish on the beach in future.
Bring on ballyhealy there should be an awful lot of fish caught.

And best of all Lumpy had to buy the chips on the way home :P

Re: SAISAC Shore Comp, Courtown , Feb 25th 2012, 4pm-9pm

Mon Feb 27, 2012 2:17 pm

Had a good day at this one lads, my day started off poor, took a wrong turn off the M50 and got lost collecting Jay and then missed the turn for Courtown off the motorway. Ive been there a hundred times and never missed it but i suppose between talking to jay about fishing and already running late i wasnt concentrating.

Anyway i had myself and Jay late getting started by about 15 minutes (sorry about that Jay) At that stage there had already been a few counters recorded so lesson learnt. My fishing seemed to get lost on the M50 as well because my bait wasnt touched for the first hour and a half. I had been using a 3 hook flapper at differnt distances along with a clipped rig at distance with no luck so i switched over to a 2 up one down with a small blade on the bottom snood and dropped it out about 30 yards, at half five or so had a 25 flounder on the down (this was just after JD passed me on his Flounder walk 8) ) Off the mark and confident that the blade had done the job i thought i might be able to scratch out a few.. then the whiting showed up and had other ideas, I went back to the flapper and tried to see if i could build a score with them but as the cards will proove it never really happened for me.

All in all a good day and learned a lot from Donal beside me. I wasnt sure if the Match fishing would be for me but from fishing with Ruairi on the beaches in louth it wasnt really any different to that, he'd turn a raffle into a competion if you let him.

Unfortunately i wont be able to fish the ballyhealy comp as the date doesnt suit but il be fishing dingle for sure and hopefully can be a bit more competitive. Thanks

Re: SAISAC Shore Comp, Courtown , Feb 25th 2012, 4pm-9pm

Mon Feb 27, 2012 4:10 pm

This was a good comp no blanks and everyone had a bit of craic, The fishing wasn't great but still better than expected, Well done to JP on the win and Al who was winning up til the last hour but lost the fish and came 3rd, Also nice to see the new faces Jay and Dan hope yiz had fun lads, See you all in Ballyhealy :wink: