MA 6 Trawee Beach Co Sligo..

Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:58 pm

Well with the Master angler series coming to a close ten members travelled to Trawee in the north west, With a howling southwesterly conditions on the beach were not as bad as was expected and by 5pm various 3 hook rigs were lauched into the surf. For me the first 45 mins was a battle against weed and debris loose in the surf on peg 1 luckily this cleared and made life easier. First fish on the beach was a double flounder for JD and Rauri followed suit soon after before long everyone was getting into undersize turbot and the odd flounder with the exeption of Sean and Beelo who where trying for other species :wink: . Halfway through the match Gar flynn wound in a dogfish and had everybody changing tactics shortly after I had a good bite and could feel a fish coming through the surf but to my disgust it was a seatrout about 45cm :evil:
Donal had the same thing happen shortly after but this time a mackeral. As darkness fell and the tide stripped back I had no clue what was happening around me but all I could manage was 2 turbot and a dog as I walked off the beach a quick chat with Rauri and it turned out he had 5 dogs in the last hour and most of the high pegs faired the same.
Final results where 1st Rauri Coleman 2nd John Diamond 3rd Donal Domeny well done to all espeically Rauri who has won the Master angler in his first year and will represent the club in the masters up north next year.