Sea Angling Club & ISFA affiliation

Tue Jan 04, 2005 11:02 am


I am meeting with Pat Walsh of the Connaught Council and An Corraun SAC this coming Sunday in Westport and he wants to know what exactly we are looking for in terms of IFSA affiliation. Now I know that some of you have joined the newly formed Galway City SAC and good luck to all who sail in her etc. but I need to know from the regulars and in particular the people who have organised the friendly meets around the country what I should ask for?

Are there enough people here ready to fork out say 30-40 Euro for annual club membership for the year? Presumably for a new club? Would you want to run competitions and if so who is going to volunteer to help with the admin / run the competitions? How would we organise access to the IFSA master angler competitions? IFSA membership of any club will get you into every IFSA affiliated club open event.

An alternative (nothing has been discusssed) is to do a deal for associate or long distance membership (like they have with golf courses) of an existing IFSA club, e.g. Galway City or An Corraun SAC?

We could probably do a deal with some of the tackle manufacturers and/or tackle shops and get some sponsorship for the club, certainly I would be able to organise some prizes for competitions. We would probably be able to organise some "club" paraphenalia like fleeces and jackets with a club crest / logo etc. if you were interested in supporting the new club that way.

A club will require club officers - the famed committee. Who is up for it?
Time to step forward and be counted!

Above all, what do you want for yourselves?

Replies / a full discussion on this have to be be in by this Friday 8th January 2005 as I will not be available on the Saturday. Many thanks....
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Tue Jan 04, 2005 7:19 pm

will it be a 'sea-angling-in-ireland' club?? if so how would 'competitions' be run with everyone in different parts of the country?

i think some anglers, and maybe i am completely wrong(?), just want to belong to some kind of angling body. they want to be represented.

being a member of an angling body is a good way to promote angling on many levels and also to have a 'vioce' when dealing with angling related issues- strenght in numbers.

the ability to fish club 'open' competitions would be an added extra.

any thoughts? anyone???