Fishing report

Sun Jan 02, 2022 10:48 pm

Hi and sorry. Due to not abble to go into shore fishing reports decided to do one in here(as still need few posts to be abble to get in)

Location: Wicklow pier
Date: 02/01/2022
Bait: mackrel
Fishing type: bottom

Long time ago been at wicklow pier. But due to ewerythere else was pretty rought and not fishing for last 6 months I said to grab my kids and give it a try. As at last they are pretty big to have fun. So we started at high tide going down. And due to wind blowing from land and wicklow pier wall staying in our backs it actualy was amazing. And we could not feel any breeze. In few hours of fishing we got loads of whiting, one pollack, one flatfish and 2 crabs. Was getting bites ewery 3-5mins. If you guys know any good places to fish with kids I would be wery happy if you could share. Thanks.

P. S. They are 9 and 12