Shore angling for kids in Connemara.

Thu Jul 08, 2021 11:43 am


I'm spending two weeks holidays in Connemara and want to take my kids fishing.
I want something easy for them (and ideally cheap for me) so I'm considering some mackerel bashing. Any recommendations of where to go? We're staying in Roundstone so anywhere within an hour or so, maybe from Spidal to Letterfrack.

Some background information:
They are seven and eight years old. The medium-term plan is to get them interested in fishing. If after a few years they're not into it, fair enough.
When I was their age my father took me fishing. Trout fishing with worm on a rainy day in the small local river. He'd long since hung up his rods in favour of golf clubs, so it was no longer his thing. We caught nothing and I found it boring and demoralising.

For this reason I want something easy to begin with. Mackerel bashing may not be the angling aficionado's choice, but I want them to catch something with a rod and line. And take it from there.
As far as they're concerned, if you go fishing, no matter what, you'll catch something. I know only too well that it doesn't always pan out like that.

They wouldn't care if it was lake, river or sea, but as I've fished for mackerel a few times in the past I know that it can be easy when the going is good. Alas, I don't know the best times/signs, eg onshore/offshore breeze, high or low tide, what feather works best in what conditions. I'd appreciate some pointers on that too.
I have a beachcaster and a smaller rod that I found a couple of years ago.


Re: Shore angling for kids in Connemara.

Fri Jul 09, 2021 10:23 am

An easy fix would be to get an evening trip on a charter boat for mackeral out of clifden or celggan. This would be a good choice as asll the gear would be included, would only be a few hours, the wife could come too and its all put on for you. A bit of adventure!

Re: Shore angling for kids in Connemara.

Fri Jul 09, 2021 10:24 am

Re: Shore angling for kids in Connemara.

Fri Jul 09, 2021 10:26 am

Lady Marilyn
Lochin 40′. Twin 350HP
Skipper: Pat Conneely
Licence: 217
Base: Roundstone Operational area: Roundstone, Cleggan, Rossaveal.

Notes: Drift fishing over reefs yields Pollack, Ling, Cod, Coalfish, Wrasse and Mackerel and many others. Anchoring up and bottom fishing targets Ray and other flatfish. Over 20 different species can be caught and many groups thoroughly enjoy “Species Hunt” competitions. Blue shark are caught regularly and porbeagle can also be found.

Address: Harbour View House, Roundstone, Co. Galway.
Telephone: +353 95 35952 or +353 87 2871012 Fax: +353 95 35921
Email: Web:

Re: Shore angling for kids in Connemara.

Wed Jul 14, 2021 9:40 pm

The other alternative is go down to the pier in roundstone at about an hour before hw, with lrf set up - size 10 or 12 single hook, on a loop hanging 10 cm above the lead - hit those minis and they will be hooked - all youll need is a pinch of mac or any bit of worm shell fish
there will be loads of small species to be had - just dropping it down the pier wall