North East Shore/Beach Fishing

Mon Jun 28, 2021 6:29 pm

Hi Guys,

Wondering if anyone can provide some general info or advice on fishing the coast along the North East (anywhere from Laytown to Greenore). Have been fishing it for years and have to say its desperate and worse in recent years. Many times we go out for long period with not even a bite.
Few years ago you might get a few flatfish and the very odd time we got a Bass.

Is it a waste of time? I have read many posts here and elsewhere where I see people mentioning how bad it is and go down south so maybe thats the best idea. I see plenty of pics of lads catching pollack and wrasse on the various sea ireland facebook pages every weekend but i think its all up north and along the west coasts.

Bait is a big problem and could be part of the issue - nowhere to buy bait anywhere along here so its usually a long round trip to Swords to pick up a pile of frozen lug and mackeral. Used to dig bait when we were younger in Clontarf and Sandymount and head to North Wicklow beaches but I think many people who used to fish there are pushing further south to Wexford so not ideal/too far.

If you read some of the docs from the likes of the Fisheries people ( ... inal_print) you would think there is bait and fish galore all up the coast. Walked Mornington a few times recently and couldnt find any evidence of Rag. Few Lug casts around alright but not a whole lot. Could probably dig some Lug at some of the beaches north of there (Port etc). Would love to find a dig a few Rag without having to go to Dublin for it.

Gear is also a problem - was in the place in Navan recently but they seem to have moved round the corner to much smaller place with what seemed like limited stock. Was in Drogheda at the weekend and Duo Hook had a for sale sign up and sign saying they had moved round the corner. Roller doors down there as well. Maybe moved online only....

In terms of some specific outings -

Gormanstown - fished this many times. Tide goes out very far and its very shallow but they have stopped car access to all entrances now as far as I know so i dont think there is much point trying that again

Mornington/Baltray - very shallow also, never fished it but seems very tide specific both sides of the estuary. Doesnt look very safe either (for kids)

Clougherhead - as far as I remember you could easily access the back of the harbour wall and fish off it but that seems changed now. Fence up/blocked off. Very small area at end of the pier so I would imagine thats not idea. Tried off the rocks to the south of the harbour recently. Lots of Seals about. Bait and several types of lures far enough out and close in and not a thing.

North of Drogheda once you get past Port it gets very stony. Have never tried Dunany Point but maybe it would be worth a look.

Templetown/Shellinghill - tried this recently. Nice area and tide doesnt go out so far but again notihng happening

Not looking for anyone to give up any specific marks but just looking for half a chance of a couple of fish if only to keep the kids interested. :) Maybe it is a mixture of conditions and bait and distance as they are very shallow beaches. Or maybe I should give up and do the odd weekend trip to the West Coast


Re: North East Shore/Beach Fishing

Tue Jun 29, 2021 8:59 am

Hi there, I used to fish laytown regularly with great success as well as dunany pt. If bait fishing always used either rag or peeler crab. Mostly used lures though with great results. Waders would be a must though and not sure if the kids would be able for it but the general idea is to wade out above your knees and spin parallel to the shore or further out. Main lures I used were kiltys and had loads of bass and sea trout to 8lbs . Hope this helps

Re: North East Shore/Beach Fishing

Mon Jul 05, 2021 1:03 am

Hi there. Regards to bait digging.. Rag and lug can be dug on bought sides of the estuary but it is very rocky for the rag so hard going.. Lug up at the fish meal is easy digging and maddies at the old yacht club all on the south side.. On the north side opposite the fishmeal will produce bigger lug but its dodgy leaving the car.. Duo hook is open but the shutter is always down but it is open great selection inside as for the marks you mentioned laytown can be good for bass and flounder dunany point the same with also the chance of seatrout heading for annagassan.. Before dunany you could try Termonfeckin where the stream enters the beach for mainly flounder and odd bass or port strand for bass. There may be fewer here but they always seem to be bigger fish.. Rag seems to be the best bait in all these marks followed by razor because of all the razor boats along this stretch of coast.. Hope this helps you a little.. Tight lines

Re: North East Shore/Beach Fishing

Mon Jul 05, 2021 8:55 am

Thanks for the replies!

I actually saw a post about waders in one of the FB pages yesterday - they dont look too expensive so might be worth a look. Long time since I was in Termonfeckin so might have to give that a look. I might try Clougherhead rocks a few more times over the summer and seeing good things about some soft lures by a company in the North so might have to look at some of them to widen the range also.