New Rod or Rods

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New Rod or Rods

Postby Dave F » Fri Jul 12, 2019 8:01 pm

I'm in the market to upgrade my beach rods over the next few months and have been doing a good bit of reading. Ideally I'd like to cover everything from flatties and small stuff and light summer work up to winter cod with 6 or 7oz leads and big baits, so I might need to look at two different rods rather than a pair. So I'm looking for people's thoughts and advice on a few different rods that keep coming up for me as good ideas, and which all seem pretty well able to cover the whole spectrum of what I'm looking to do. I'm also probably going to be looking at second hand, and ideally in Ireland but that's not absolutely essential so I'm keeping an eye on ebay and the like too.

The rods I've been considering are:

Century TT Supermatch. Seems to do it all. Tippy, but still rated up to 7oz. How well does it handle those leads?
Century T800. A 5 and 6oz rated rod but seems very nice indeed.
Zziplex M4 Hi Flex. Rated for 6oz but seems pokey, and the glass tip certainly seems nice. Is this the best possible all rounder?
Zziplex Primo Synchro or Hi Flex. Good reputation but how does the stiffer tip do for bite detection?

Any other suggestions are very welcome. I have a decent budget to play with but am looking at second hand for best value. I'll be using both multi and fixed spool on whatever I pick most likely, and braid on the fixed spool. For comparison, I currently use an IMAX FR Match Plus and an AFAW Mk 1 Match. I'd be open to swapping one of those out if anyone were interested too. I mostly cast OTG and have been able to hit about 100 yards with baited rigs with the above rods and 150gr leads so I wouldn't be the best caster around but maybe with the right rod I'd get a bit more out of it too. All advice gratefully received!
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