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N 11

by eyesreilly

N 11

Heading down the N11
Arrangements made, must meet at seven,
Traffics heavy on the way,
Worst of all’s that stretch at Bray.
The Sugar Loaf , that tower of rock,
Standing guard at Kilmacanogue.

Speeding on I pass the Glen,
Where hippies tried to save the trees,
The roads much wider now than then,
But now the Countrys on its knees.
Further on I glimpse the sea,
I see what state she’s in today,
The wind is coming from the West,
And so I’m off to Brittas Bay.

Past Wicklow Town the Motorway ends,
The road becomes a string of bends.
Of all the trip this is the worst,
And not a place for tyres to burst.
Some flowers are placed which loved ones tend,
where some poor soul has met their end.

I see a sign, it says Jack Whites,
And now my journeys end’s in sight.
I meet my pals, set up my gear,
I’m glad I’m fishing,
Not on the Beer.
But all too soon it’s at an end,
And I must face that string of Bends.

An hour it takes me to get home,
They’re all in bed, and I’m alone.
I pour myself a cup of tea,
And think about my night at sea.
These trips have given me much joy,
Have turned the man back to a boy .
That road that takes me to the sea,
Has now become a friend to me.
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RE: N 11

by liamemac

youre a genius!!! the poems are ace brother, keep up the great work :D
Keepin' it reel

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RE: N 11

by Creep

Excellent!! That road has become my friend as well, but you put it beautiful mate well done!!! More please!!!
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