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Permanent Linkby bigsod on Mon Jan 02, 2012 11:15 pm

In 2012 I hope to push on become a better caster and beat my personal bests all set in 2011.

100g : 202m
125g: 218m
150g: 220m
175g: 198m

Im going to start off back at basics on the OTG cast getting my arm positioning better before going back to the pendulum.

Also I hope to fish as much as I can and hope to get some decent Cod this winter along with some good hounds and ray in the summer. Im also hoping to fish all the ECR comps this year so looks like ill be busy in 2012.

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pointless wafflings of a casting junkie.

Permanent Linkby bigsod on Wed Apr 14, 2010 9:43 pm

You addicted to trying to bend your rod in two :?: Well if you are your like a good few others who are without doubt beyond redemption. I dont know if its the sight of a lead climbing into the sky or the sound of a perfectly tuned reel whirring as another well executed cast roars out down the field, or the feeling of unbridled joy as you pull your lead out of the ground and Mark a personal best cast, maybe its a mixture of all of these but lately all i can think of is ways to cast further. Im hoping to break the 200 meter mark in two weeks at slaughter hill but ive 8.5 meters to find on my previuos PB of 191.5 meters, so ill try and put in the practice and maybe my target will be reachable after all.

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