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Winter Fishing Not What It should Be.......
   Tue Nov 23, 2010 3:55 pm

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Winter Fishing Not What It should Be.......

Permanent Linkby dfella25 on Tue Nov 23, 2010 3:55 pm

I'm not a big lover of bass fishing, however I spend September and October fishing for them around local beaches in North Dublin. This year was a bumper haul and plenty of fun with light gear. Certainly not the fighters they are made out to be in all honestly, although I'm sure on lures it's a completely different story.

With the majority of summer species gone attentions turn to the winter favourite cod and the harder fighting coalies. This endeavour will be a frustrating one along the east coast and usually ends in a trip south for cod. As difficult as it is to find any codling over 3lb along Dublin to Wexford coast the search and attempts are most of the fun with a surprise or two during the dark cold nights. Are at least it should be. The last few attempts to tempt a decent codling or coal fish from the sea has resulted in 5 bass being landed! Slightly smaller then their summer cousins they are great scrappers both in and out of the water. Once beached the gills are flared out with...

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Wexford Smoothies

Permanent Linkby dfella25 on Sun Jul 25, 2010 10:51 am

After bagging myself a few smooth hounds of late I really wanted to catch one using my Penn Affinity rod with the light tip. This rod has changed the way I fish as it allows me to enjoy the fight of the fish in a whole new way. Using a fixed spool with 30lb braid I can feel the fish fight, pull and shake it's head not to mention the early warning bite signs. I've seen this rod buckle over for 2 or 3lb bass, codling and even some fair sized flounder.

The problem though is I would not cast with anything over 4oz with bait. So to get the bait out to where the smoothies were feeding was always going to be the problem. After much practice a clipped down "up and over" rig with a 4oz impact lead I was starting to get better distance with my casts. Not a very good caster I some how was able to see the mono on the reel after casting a few times. There was a spool of 100 yard 30lb braid added to this reel a few weeks back so I must have been getting at least 80 yards on her.

Loaded with...

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