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Furry Friends

by eyesreilly

Furry friends

I sit on a rock, with one rod in my hand,
The others cast out , and left in the stand,
I wait for the rod tip to dance up and down,
And think how I love this new hobby I’ve found.
But down in a crack, in a place I cant see,
A fat furry friend is looking at me.
He’s watching me bait up, with lug and with mack,
He’s waiting to launch his stealthy attack.

I fish on regardless, ‘cos I’m unaware,
That he has me fixed in his menacing stare.
The sun slowly sinks in the sky for a rest,
Me still unaware of my furry guest.
As night closes in and the fish start to bite,
Its time for the headlamp to give me some light.
At last I’ve a fish!, he’s reeled in and released,
Me still with no clue I’m being watched by this beast!

I cast out again, rag tipped with squid,
And its now at this time that the rat makes his bid,
But I sense something’s wrong, in my peripheral vision
I see that dark shape, it’s a rat on a mission!
Now I love to cast out and pull fish from the sea,
But the sight ...

[ Continued ]
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